it's time for my semi-annual "oh yeah I have an account on _____"

how's it going y'all? O_o

I feel guilty that I'm not getting more done during this "Shelter-in-place," but I'm also still going to work because so many jobs are technically "essential." Still getting my space clean, trying to keep chill, and maybe get some art in in the meantime.

How y'all doing?

Some happy Aloha vibes with colorburst 35mm film for the feed. Light leaks and scratches, just happy accidents :blobdab:

How's everyone been? I have so much film to scan still... and lost all the scans I had done before because my computer died days after scanning and I hadn't backed them up 🙃 on the plus, they're negatives I still have so wheeeeee more scanning

Introspective. Dreaming. Where is my life going 

A friend who has become disillusioned with where things have gone in his life was talking with me. He was projecting a bit I think, framing it all as warning not to get stagnant in life. But it all stuck in my head and now I'm having wild high school era me dreams. Thinking of quitting everything and living out of a car. Backpacking Europe on zero budget or something. Some of these ideas are a bit unrealistic at this point in my life...but I do wonder where I want my life to go at this point. This friend has probably not lost near as much sleep as I have just mulling this over for a week.


people who are homophobic are just scared dick is delicious send toot

Yesterday was a nice day. Today is so far. Tomorrow will be too. That's all.

Happy vibes for today. At least I'm gonna keep telling myself that.

Onlie streaming options 

Someone accused me of wanting a monopoly by complaining about the streaming options we have now. No? I dislike the exclusives and us being back at having to pay a lot to have access just for like 3 shows? It's turning into the same shitshow cable is/was. I don't want to get some crap disney service, I want to keep seeing their stuff on netflix like before. I don't want to even use prime, but I want like 2 shows on there. It seems to be getting more segmented each month. A lot of talk about bringing back online pirate piracy (hypothetically of course)

lewd, food 

That toot had 69 characters. Nice.

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lewd, food 

Careful when you request a surprise pasta dish in my home.

I should so something. But I am out of action points for the turn and am awaiting their regeneration.

While out biking today I had my little solar lamp tied to my bag and it looks like I have a strange cyberpunk lotus or weapon mounted on it. ^_^

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