I feel guilty that I'm not getting more done during this "Shelter-in-place," but I'm also still going to work because so many jobs are technically "essential." Still getting my space clean, trying to keep chill, and maybe get some art in in the meantime.

How y'all doing?

How's everyone been? I have so much film to scan still... and lost all the scans I had done before because my computer died days after scanning and I hadn't backed them up πŸ™ƒ on the plus, they're negatives I still have so wheeeeee more scanning

Introspective. Dreaming. Where is my life going 


Yesterday was a nice day. Today is so far. Tomorrow will be too. That's all.

Happy vibes for today. At least I'm gonna keep telling myself that.

Onlie streaming options 

lewd, food 

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lewd, food 

Oh no I'm online again how did this happen

I should so something. But I am out of action points for the turn and am awaiting their regeneration.

While out biking today I had my little solar lamp tied to my bag and it looks like I have a strange cyberpunk lotus or weapon mounted on it. ^_^

Today was sunny. I went out in the sun and spent $0 to be in the sun. Am happy.

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