I threw some cash towards the black churches which were burnt down by racist scum.

You could too:


The Notre Dame restoration effort having reached 500 million in funds while historically Black churches in L.A. burned down by white supremacists is struggling to break a single million is the perfect commentary on equality and basic decency and respect.

The world isn't broken. People are purposefully keeping it that way.

@commiequeer It may be that cop car that's on fire, but what's really warmed is my heart

I believe taxation is theft, I just also believe it's okay to steal from rich people

if your site ceases to be usable with an adblocker, you have a problem with your website, not my adblocker

I dont like bdsm Show more

Accidentally interacted with a boss on this here website and now I feel that I must wash my hands of filth

"Those who fetishize the guillotine don’t want to kill people with their bare hands; they aren’t prepared to rend anyone’s flesh with their teeth. " i do.


pink sticker with black script reading "fight hard but stay soft" and 'sheet poet society'

Laughing with friends can be one way to start breaking the cycle of chronic stress, and help keep your heart healthy, too. @MorningEdition

Looking for a house? Look beyond the granite countertops to features that affect how you spend your time. Good: space to hang out with family and friends. Bad: a long commute. @NPRLifeKit

I like men. Except the ones who have a victim complex for no good reason and feel the need to take it out on every woman alive. I wish I didnt have to share spaces with those men.

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