Bojack Horseman: "BOO HOO ME SAD, ALCOHOL"

Aggretsuko, verbatim: "Late-stage capitalism is such a pain. That's why it's gotta go."

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

something ive learned over the last few years and by listening to more black people is that most of the shittiness they experience isn't from loudly shitty racist caricatures shouting slurs at them, it's from white people who refuse to give them support, who enable racism, and who refuse to listen

*extremely boomer who depends on social security, Medicare, and Medicaid to survive voice* government handouts

5 #GayPride sont au programme du week-end : samedi la Marche des Fiertés LGBTI à #Lyon, le Metz Pride Day à #Metz, la Marche des Visibilités LGBTI à #Strasbourg et la Marche des Fiertés lGBTI à #Tours. Dimanche, ce sera la Bordeaux Pride à #Bordeaux !
Programmes, itinéraires, fêtes... sont disponibles sur

i was incredibly rude to a scientologist handing out pamphlets and i dont feel bad about it

it's just amazing how many problems are caused in my life by people who don't give a fuck in part because they are unable to climb out of the Western mindset that giving a fuck is an expenditure of a resource which must be hoarded in a zero-sum game

American sexual complexes, clinical kink talk 

Nintendo Comments On Animal Crossing Delay, Says Employee Work-Life Balance Comes First

You hear that, uh, entire game industry? Plz to take notes.

to the guy in safeway complaining that there’s no facial recognition software to confirm your age when you’re buying booze at the self checkout: shut the FUCK up

A shitty thing jerks do, I don't know how to parse the CW better. 

“AMAB” and “AFAB” describe paperwork, not people

Really pulling out my highly refined "extended bathroom time theft" methods today god speed these clocks.

So many actions are felonies. So many are non-violent. Many can legitimately be done by mistake.

I bet you've committed multiple felonies without realizing it. You just didn't inconvenience anyone.

Support voting rights for felons. Support hiring former felons. You almost certainly are an unconvicted felon.

a non-violent, non-destructive crime you can do 

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