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Sorry for taking so long to make this. It's nice to meet you all.

My name's Chloe. I'm 22 and trans (she/her). Hablo español.

I study secondary education, history and economics at the University of New Mexico.

I live on a quarter-acre lot with my fiance, @queerquill and we're trying to fix it up - which is a pretty big project, since it was empty for five years and pretty neglected since before that.

Most of my posts are going to be about the house, permaculture, and Marxism.

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The Catholics downtown have security outside for their services. Really y'all?

We would've laid the sod and done the irrigation ourselves, but our landlord wanted to pay for it.

The grass is tall fescue. We'll be putting Scottish moss around the pavers and planting some saplings in the corners of the lawn.

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It's been a very busy two weeks and I haven't managed post any updates.

So this is what we did last week.

I'm starting in the Education for Ministry program this fall and want to put together a theology and church history reading list before then. Recommendations?

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Minimum wage goes up and bootlickers say "stuff will just cost more." That's BEEN happening, and you haven't noticed, which means money isn't that big a concern for you.

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The best genre of post is "oh, you say cops/CEOs/landlords/etc are bad, but what if I were to tell you that awful person is my father?"

Fuck your dad. We're all someone's kids. You think people making others lives miserable get a pass because they have kids? They don't.

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music video: electronic native american group, a tribe called red, collaborating with prolific the rapper in a song about the dakota access pipeline.

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If me, my fiance, and my sister-in-law all work for the same company ... does that make it a family business?


So my kid sister-in-law was over at the house, hanging out with us. And I got in the shower - and thought she had already left when I got out.

So uh, @queerquill walked in the bedroom and uh we haven't had sex in a bit. And we thought she'd left - so naturally, we started fucking. Really loud. For a good half hour.

To be fair, it felt great.
But I just heard the front door close.

I'm going to write that down on paper and take a picture

So at this point, I still to take:

2 lab sciences
Educational Psychology
Tech in the Classroom
English 1102
Art History
Theater Appreciation
and New Mexico History

The community college has a class cap of 30 though, which is amazing!
And the university doesn't have one at all, so anything I can take here I would want to. And that means:

Calculus II - III
Differential Functions
U.S. politics
Comparative politics
World regions (geography)
and (re-take) Sociology

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Right now, I've taken:

Precalculus and trig
Astronomy and Physics
Public Speaking
and Microeconomics

and right now, I'm taking:

Calculus I
and Teacher observations

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I dropped out of college for a bit cause I was homeless and switched degrees when I got back.

I've only been going part-time for the last couple semesters, and pretty am behind where I should be.

I'm going to the local community college right now, for an associates in Secondary Education and should be graduating next Spring.

At the university I'm planning to double-major in education and history, and do a couple different minors in economics, math and Spanish.

It's a lot, but I'm trying to get qualified in bilingual ed for history and math (to teach econ).

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I have to plan out the rest of my associates degree before I can meet with any advisors from the university.

This is going to be a really long thread, heads up.

Hey y'all, some really personal stuff is going on right now I'm going to be on hiatus for a bit.

if I change some stuff on my profile and delete posts, I'm sorry,

If any mutuals want to stay in touch the meantime - pm me and I'll send you my number.

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leftist politics 

when boomers ask if it's good optics to call each other "comrade"

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@interneteh lichens cover 6% of the Earth's dry land. They can take the form of crusts, plants, powders, jellies, lobes, tufts, strings and other forms.

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