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Oregon state university is running a free online course from April the 22nd to May the 20th

If you enroll and need an accountability partner, feel free to contact me :blobderpy:

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Hey, just a reminder that we are running services other than Mastodon:
- Solarpunk Wiki:
- Plume:

Both are open to anyone and everyone.

All of this is run by the Sunbeam City cooperative. If you are interested to join us and participate in running those services, you can find information there:

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A reminder for newcomers:

Here are the terms of use of the fediverse in case you missed them when you signed up

Bookchin sounds like the name of an addon for Facebook, change my mind.

@kaniini Day ONE

A hacker comes into a restaurant and discovers that the salt shaker on the table can be unscrewed and one can pour anything into it. The hacker goes home and writes an angry letter to the manager of the restaurant: "I, meG@Duc, found a vulnerability in the salt shakers at your restaurant. An attacker can open them and pour poison inside! Take action immediately!"

The manager, among other business letters, requests for food deliveries and courier receipts finds the notification letter and shrugs: "Who could even come up with this nonsense?"

The hacker comes into the restaurant and pours poison in all the salt shakers. Three hundred people die, the manager is dragged three months in courts to prove the absense of a crime. The Hacker writes a letter in the style of "Well, I told you!".

Day 96
The manager orders his staff to buy specially designed salt shakers with a combination lock. Visitors of the restaurant feel like they are missing something very important in the meaning of life.

Day 97
The Hacker discovers that the holes in the salt shakers pass salt in both directions. And not only salt, anything! He writes an angry letter to the manager after pissing in all the salt shakers. Three hundred people stop visiting the restaurant forever, thirty get admitted to the hospital with food poisoning. The hacker sends an SMS to the restaurant manager: "How are you doing?". The manager is dragged through courts for three months and is released on probation.

Day 188
The manager vows to no longer work in any kind of food establishment, and to peacefully cut timber in Siberia. Engineers are working on a new one-way valve for a salt shaker. Waitresses in the meantime withdraw all the old salt shakers and distribute the salt by hand.

Day 190
The Hacker steals a salt shaker from the restaurant and carefully studies the device at home. He writes an angry letter to the manager: "I, meG@Duc, stole the salt shaker and I find this fact outrageous! Anyone can steal your salt shakers!" The previously fully sober manager goes home and drinks a bottle of vodka.

Day 193
The Hacker discovers that all the salt shakers in the restaurant are chained and nailed to the table. He arrives at a hacker conference and reports on his progress, getting a well-deserved reward for the protection of the interests of society and consumers. Fortunately, the manager never hears anything about it and will not die of alcohol poisoning, for now.

Day 194
As part of a diabolical, genius elaborate operation, BLACKHAT hackers break into the restaurant and pour all the salt from the salt shakers in their pockets. The Hacker meG@Duc writes an indignant letter to the manager, alluding to the fact that there is no concern for the visitors in the restaurant as any criminal can deprive honest people from salt in an instant. A salt dispenser with a one-time authorization is just necessary!

Engineers work in sweat on a new salt shaker, while waitresses hand out salt manually, again. The manager goes on vacation to the
Seychelles and has dinner only in his room, avoiding any canteens, restaurants and bars.

Day 200
Visitors of the restaurant find in horror that in order to pour salt, they must go to the waitress, show their passport and get a special 8-digit one-time code to the shaker. For pepper they should repeat the procedure.

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PARIS - Le Fouquet’s est en feu. Situation extrêmement tendue sur les #ChampsElysees. Scène de chaos similaire au 1er décembre 2018.

#GiletsJaunes #ActesXVIII #Acte18 #16Mars2019 #16Mars

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Les forces de l'ordre venues stopper le pillage de Celio et de Swarovski Champs-Élysées obligées de battre en retraite.
#Acte18 #GiletsJaunes #GiletsJaunesParis

francaj politikaj movadoj 

Mi ŝatus ke la ekologiistoj de la Klimatmarŝo konsciu, ke la sukceso de la Flavaj vestoj preskaŭ estas necesa kondiĉo de la startigo de energia kaj utila ekologia politiko.

Nu, mi certas, ke multaj konscias.

@activationfxn @theoutrider @dankwraith yes, if you really want to depopulate the world to reduce resource stress start by killing the biggest drains on resources – namely, the richest people first

Still find it EXTREMELY EXCITING that you can put magic words and sticky money on a physical item and put it in one of probably hundreds of thousands of networked boxes around the world, and an army of minions will efficiently convey it to the intended recipient within days.

I see the slogan "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, nobody would eat meat" a lot, and I just want to say this:

Working in a slaughterhouse a dangerous job. In the US, most who work there are undocumented. They rrisk life and limb for less than minimum wage. It's not that people ignore the killing of animals, it's that the system deliberately exploits those who have no other choice.

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

I have been studying my coworkers and I have come to the conclusion that the default cishet relationship is a wild ride

The letter X is a conspiracy from big letter to sell more letters

Do you speak #arabic, #persian, #hebrew, #urdu, or any right-to-left language? Librsvg needs help to find test cases for those languages, and people who can tell us what the correct behavior is.

Boosts appreciated!

@switchingsocial @chupacabra @manyver_se

I think that this statement:

but once you send someone a copy it becomes their data too

is something all people should learn before they start using internet. unfortunately many people don’t understand it, even in IT…

Apple discourse 

All apples are valid, but granny smiths are more valid than the others.

If you have some favourite words in any language, I'd love to hear about them :)

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Hetzner is offering #NextCloud as a service.
The base plan is 100 GB storage at 2.90 euro per month.

@kikux Estoy en la vieja Cuauhnáhuac, ahora conocida como "La Ciudad de la Eterna Balacera". Acá también es complicado generar espacios de acción fuera de órbita institucional, a pesar de existir una fuerte tradición anti-dominadora.

Recomiendo el libro de Raúl Zibechi; "Contrainsurgencia y Miseria", el cual muestra como los gobiernos progresistas tienen por objetivo facilitar la explotación capitalista a través del despojo de bienes comunes.

Aquí una reseña

Acá puede descargarse

Saludos de vuelta

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