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@cassolotl I may be the only person so far promoting #velopunk, but I guess it'll gain traction after a while. I'm drafting a manifesto, now I just need some time to concentrate it a little more.

b) Of course! As well as walking.

c) It surely is. #solarpunk is more holistic and seems to be more about production, whereas #velopunk is more narrowly about traffic, urbanism, land usage and technology use. So pretty much like two perspectives of the same world.

r/futurology is a good subreddit for solarpunks interested in technology

Just discovered that is a thing and

a) I love it,
b) can wheelchair users be included, and
c) I feel it may be quite compatible with ? :)

a website that plays you radio streams from a location on earth where the sun is rising (the station changes every few minutes)

(It was really fun to learn a new technique though. I used such tiny needles, and it still came out very baggy. What a weird stitch!)

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I just finished this overly fancy two-colour-brioche dishcloth made from second-hand cotton yarn and... I don't even use dishcloths. (I only like sponges!) So, I have no idea what to do with this.

(I could carry it to the local recycling place in a nearby car park, but y'know, that would have to wait for many days while I recover from recent exertion. I could also cut it up smaller and put it into the wheelie bin bit by bit. But I like the idea of helping a human face-to-face, and they need big sheets of cardboard, you know? :D)

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Tomorrow someone is coming to collect all the cardboard from my IKEA furniture to mulch their garden! There is SO MUCH and it's VERY LARGE so it won't fit in the communal recycling wheelie bin.

I like the idea of it going to a nice local person to help with their veg-growing, and the largeness of the sheets will save them a bit of work. :)

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Today's small victories - I sold a blanket I'm not using to someone who was super into it, and I gave a pot of colourful paperclips to someone who will use them. (I hate the plastic-covered ones, it turns out! So I bought some nice metal ones, and found a new home for the plastic-covered ones.)

I also finished building my IKEA wardrobething, so maybe if I have strength tomorrow I can rearrange my furniture and move my clothes around a bit.

People like disposable cups because you don't have to carry them with you once you're done with them, right?

There are companies who get it!


Basically, when you're out and about you get your takeaway coffee from wherever, drink your coffee on the move, and when you're done you drop the cup in a special collection bin or hand your cup in at a participating shop to be reused.

I would have posted the furoshiki here but I wanted it to be on Twitter as well, and I didn't want to have to do the image descriptions twice, and I didn't want to have to do the image descriptions on Mastodon at all because the UI for that is horrible, which means: crossposter. :D

Monday morning is local swapshop email list time, so Sunday night is when I frantically list my unwanted everything other people might want enough to come and collect from me.

This week it's a fancy grey blanket, some paperclips, and some large sheets of corrugated cardboard. You never know, eh?

I've spent a ton of time in school, read *so many* books on things I like and never really had the urge to highlight or record anything I read. Rarely found much that seemed important, school kind of killed my love of learning really.

Weird how I just started reading some zines on the same topics and I'm immediately like "damn, that's good. I need some highlighters."

I've been sort of trying to write a book, but academia is so filled with fluff. Might abandon that and do some zine work.


They can't do anything until September, when I will have lived here for 6 months.

But they might be able to upgrade my storage heaters to be more helpful and adaptable, and they might be able to add insulation to my water tank things and to my loft.

Upgrading the storage heaters in particular would be pretty epic. :o

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In the next hour or so someone is coming from the council to see about making my home more energy efficient for free.

They might fix the timer on my boiler and also add lagging to the tank to keep the water hot for longer, I'd love that.

There might not be anything they can do about the economy 7 storage heaters though. :/

It was a bit of a tangled mess but I untangled them all.

Also, this is a nice end to quite a faily mission. My deadline was yesterday, so on Tuesday when I knew the cotton wouldn't be here in time I went to the haberdashery shop nearby to get some standard white cotton thread to sew the zines.

When I got home I saw that I had picked up some 100% polyester that had been mistakenly placed on the 100% shelf!

So basically I have been very un- in all this but I have PLENTY of cotton now!

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