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I'm not usually out in the world so early. It was chilly but bright and so colorful. The frost rhimed foliage whispers that there is always beauty to be found, even in the cold dim days of winter. Let us embark together into the future darkness, knowing spring will meet us on the other side.

"The Iraqi authorities have cut off the Internet in Baghdad and southern cities overnight, in response to the popular movement demanding the regime's fall."

it's good to be prepared for such in advance.

In (in the ) a closed-down pub got re-opend as Kobanî House social space.

"In solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement we decided to open this building to temporarily create an educational and social space for people to learn about the revolution."

Kobani house is at 34-36 Southampton street


libertarian socialism 101 

Libertarian Socialism can be seen all over the world today; from the Andalusian commune of Marinaleda, which provides people with the means to build their own houses, to the mountains of Chiapas, where indigeneous Maya communities took control of their own workplaces and communities, to North-East Syria where communal assemblies confederated together to form the world's largest example of direct democracy. All of which did so from the bottom-up.

While the eventual aim of these projects may be the establishment of libertarian communism, as they still exist within the context of a statist and capitalist society, it has not yet been possible to abolish money.

Libertarian Communism has been seen at its greatest scale in Revolutionary Spain and the Free Territory of Ukraine, where within the context of workers themselves (and not a state) taking control of the means of production, they found the means to abolish money and class distinctions.

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I still can't get over how good a motto "anything worth doing is worth doing poorly" is when you're suffering from executive dysfunction or physical disabilities

Like, of course it's awesome to thoroughly clean your place once a week or biweekly but if the mere thought of it is causing you to break down, vacuuming for five minutes is so much more than doing nothing

It's the best piece of advice I got in what feels like forever

Just in case this is useful to anyone in the US, I came across a story about someone who was getting insulin from a Costco pharmacy, and one day the pharmacist pulled him aside and said to ask his doctor for a script for a different brand of insulin that was much cheaper, because Costco had used their buying power to cut some kind of deal. He went from $170 a month to $35 a month. Worth checking out?

Heh: a problem caused by 'roaming' birds. 😃

"Russian scientists tracking migrating eagles ran out of money after some of the birds flew to Iran and Pakistan and their SMS transmitters drew huge data roaming charges."

#Research #Birds #Migration #MobileNetworks #RoamingCharges

I did end up getting my NPCs to behave themselves in crowds though

#TheExpanse S1E3 

Holden: What did you tell them?
Amos: To suck it.
Shed: Everything! I told them everything I could think of. I even made some stuff up.

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The Turkish war against Rojava is also a direct attack on the achievements of the women’s revolution and the liberation of women*.

That‘s why all women* [and all that wish to support them] should take to the streets on 2nd November to block, occupy and disturb Turkish fascism!

Plant ID please
Two of these now 3 foot tall plants popped up between my comfrey and my black currant, and another smaller one over by the gooseberry, I think just as of this year. They are looking more and more tree like, I may have a root problem on my hands if I don't murder them yesterday. They kinda look like a willow and kind of like a nectarine? Does anybody know what they are? I'm in SW Missouri.

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