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Thatcher parody, eye contact, California fires, original content 

The Public Utilities Commissions in the USA paid PG&E half a billion US dollars to upgrade their infrastructure. Half of the money went directly to shareholders instead.

Message from "Revolutionary anarchist collective operating in with a focus on people's self-defense":

"Remembering resistance of Serekaniye: we have been part of defending and working the city hospital since start of invasion. Hospital received over 200 wounded defenders of Serekaniye and civilians until last day, and stood against multiple attacks of jihadist proxy groups.

> how can you be supported from abroad?

"Best support would be creating strong communities, relationships and organizing at the place you are at, and building broad understanding and practice of self-defense. Also there are some ways to support us directly, please write us at "

Artificial entity rights and pronouns, Google 

Unsure if article photo caption is low key referring to quantum computers by personal plural gender neutral pronouns and referring to their property rights to cooling equipment paraphernalia, or if weirdly the antecedent views Google as plural for some reason.
"Google's Sycamore chip is kept cool inside their quantum cryostat."

self forage mushrooms, Lactarius indigo, nom nom. 

Had my first self-foraged and first cooked wild mushroom this weekend, Lactarius indigo. aka Milky Indigo. I had to render sausage for fat to fry it because I left the butter back at home. so a little hard to tell apart from the sausage's flavor but it seemed a little peppery.

In , Germany Kurdish youth took the public space of the airport yesterday. With Banners, flags and chants they draw attention on the ongoing and in

Turkeys state media is hyping the people for war!

Multiple TV channels feature a countdown for the end of the so-called ceasefire, even though the bombing and killing of civilians continued during the last days.

This is the ugly face of a state reliant on war.

"Fascism shall die, be it in , Lausitz or elsewhere!"

Banner by supporters of the football club "Chemie Leipzig", Germany.

I'm just thinking about food and how it's capitalised and influenced from all these things and how sometimes home cooked food is a really good way of preserving culture. Wish more people would cook at home and give me the chance to grab a serving in an exchange for something or even if some big public cookouts could be organised on some days

Tragedy at the trilobite party 480 mya, right as the conga line got started

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American Beauty Bush at my friend's place here in Missouri is lovely and beautiful. I've read that 🦌 deer like to eat them, not much of a hazard in that location. Surprising to me it doesn't look like the hens in the yard have eaten any of them, and those 🐔 chickens will jump and hop to eat gooseberries off the bush.

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