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dukeduchess i believe is necessarily under another power figure. the others not necessarily. I remember reading though this could have been false that the designation is supposed to have been assigned by said hierarchy as a result of favorable military service.

I was tempted to say that emperorempress reflects a self-designation of having colonial assets, however The kingqueen of the british empire is an obvious counter to that nomenclature proposition.

either way, kill it with fire. 🔥 I guess that means even more mastodon accounts for me.

@velexiraptor your observation that very often anti-anecdote statements are used bludgeonlike in a way that always conveniently favors existing paradigms and power centers.

@velexiraptor I used to spend time on a "skeptics" group or two on Facepalm, where especially in regards to health matters they tended to exhibit bootlicking, institutionalist behavior with respect to "official" data. In the vein of "the FDA is the arbiter of truth", "don't mind the corporate ghostwriters and higjly selective data inclusion behind the curtain", "Hail Science".

"it's anecdotal therefore it doesn't count" is a really convenient way to shut people down on issues that data is conspicuously not collected on

sense8 was never cancelled, it just became the fediverse

Masking, plurality 

@adriana a little bit of persona management software

The hardest lesson to learn from being a fairly nerdy teenager was to decouple media consumption from my personality.

@garbados Le renard dans Le Petit Prince a parlé de cela. The fox in The Little Prince talked about that.

@garbados much like with feeding songbirds closer to winter, predictability and reliability in help are important because they'll become reliant upon you to an extent and that'll fuck em up if you drop out, at least until things are naturally abundant in spring or summer.. if you can design rewards into the environment that'll survive your attention span then that strikes me as more easily sustainable. Managing the landscaping for forage, and coincidentally improving plant abundance and diversity. Encouraging natural predators is another low maintenance scenario but that's less compatible with high domesticity.

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