health question, dental question 

@saltqueer the indigent /free dental care around here is oretty kuch limited to basic cavity fills and teeth oulling as far as I know, but that's probably not universal, some commjnities and counties have decently priced community clinics. my dad gets work done at one.

health question, dental question 

@saltqueer tea tree essential oil rubbed into the gums, then actually flossing, peroxide, then listerine over a course of weeks downgrades my own gimgivitis problems to unnoticeable, but you should still get it looked at in case it's deepened. essential oils rubbed in like that penetrate into the flesh so it's particularly useful.

This week on: What I'm Angry About Now 

Anywhere that gives you freedom to assemble, but requires that you get permits from the state you're assembling against, does not actually give you freedom to assemble

@saltqueer half the time i actually get people to install Signal , oops their phone is "full". I just keep deleting music and other apps when i run out but this is because i've had a recentish router induced inability to move original photo files off my phone or sync my other machines via sftp. i look forward to my new network hardware getting setup.

@fr33l0 speaking of eggs that don't particularly fit inside the box they were jammed into.

Fake video game blurb shitpost 

@bedap so many possible activities, it's a sandbox one hopes.

@caprimoon @Kye I have so many tabs in my mobile brower that when trying to load a new page or search half the time it freaks out and reloads an old tab that hasn't been summoned in the slightest. Firefox on Android displays a infinity symbol when you go over 99 tabs. Manifested by and representative of my ADHD.

Abolish private property and you can carry all the seditious material you want

@Kirin those are dope fully virtualized luxury gay space communism pockets.

#TheExpanse whole series, five books or something, autistic Amos headcanon 

@SallyStrange Every time there is even a slight implication of Amos being unhappy I want to ATTACK MY SCREEN

I adore him in the books I've read so far and I feel like on the show they did a great job pushing the autism implications. In the books, he wonders if he's afraid, wonders how he'd know. ALEXITHYMIA MOOD. And I felt so affirmed and validated by book!Alex missing the specific traits about Amos that he did. Having autistic friends IS RELAXING, THANK YOU ALEX KAMAL FOR UNDERSTANDING


When Alex is yelling at him, "Is this your messed up way of apologizing?!" Amos doesn't even answer the direct question; he cuts to the problem. "Was it messed up?" Just totally sincerely for real genuinely asking because Alex will know.

@dualhammers @Miredly yes nationalizing is not particularly a U.S. behavior. I still feel that examining the difference in project governance between "its workers" and "workers as in the people" has useful insight. like technically the military is a nationalized asset with zero in-project democracy. It doesn't work out too well for military members at all, and the nominal goals of achieving peace and prosperity are taken to their very opposite extreme. The incentives that guide wellbeing and task methodology can disalign greatly when levels of personal investment do not mesh with the power structure.

@GreenandBlack @OCRbot the diagnosis that capitalism is damaging the science is definitely correct, but I had to point out a couple under-identified layers of fuckery.

@GreenandBlack @OCRbot
I'm all for hacking nature to our benefit, but I must out-pedant the pedantry of "breeding is GMO" because no the fuck it is not, GMO refers to transgenic organisms. In practice there's the intellectual property fuckery, the violent colonialism, the soil-carbon and soil-biota and gut-biota nuking pesticide malignance, and that most of the plant modification is using the extremely antiquated shotgun method where they literally blast plants with genetic material creating a lot of damage in the germ line such as errant novel proteins that nobody can digest and accumulate in fat tissue. CRSPR and other technologies exist, get on it. Then there's the academia corruption fostered to whitewash over all of those. Monsanto's Dicamba research fuckup and attempted researcher blacklisting was a recent and notable example of the latter. When I get the CRSPR version of the golden rice they've been promising for forty years, I'm chowing down.

USA problematic holiday 

@SallyStrange sympathy pains about the sink, hope that resolves quickly. that meal sounds delish .

@dualhammers @Miredly although if we're doling out a particular reorganization strategy I think an equal share worker co-operative suits the cause of sustainable human compatible life better than handing operational control over to the very malfeasant state bureaucracy that's deliberately fed the petroindustry at the cost of planetary habitation, whose owners are obsessed with seeing the demise of any vaguely utopian or humanistic ambition. The anarchist rather than the authoritarian option if you will.

@dualhammers @Miredly
"Oh Christ," I uttered, wheel well and hubcap design 80's fetishism my initial visual offense. The locking bed enabled by the flat slope I rather like, plus manufacturing simplicity. Re the terrifying hard metal skin I'm hearing there'd still be an effective crumple zone re interior passengers because of the frunk. I look forward to a variety of crash test data. I bet safety feature driving intervention vs pedestrian hazard, numerically speaking, outweigh exterior rigidity injuries on non-automated vehicle platforms, but I wish to know if regular automative skin is meaningfully softer or less harmful to flesh. Futurism cheerleading dictates mirrorless demo aesthetics, mirrors will actually come off will be when the cars abjure human drivers or may just be retractible until trailers are running their own camera sensorium and AI conduct. One hopes for practical turn signal indicators and a fucking round wheel.

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