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I'm all for hacking nature to our benefit, but I must out-pedant the pedantry of "breeding is GMO" because no the fuck it is not, GMO refers to transgenic organisms. In practice there's the intellectual property fuckery, the violent colonialism, the soil-carbon and soil-biota and gut-biota nuking pesticide malignance, and that most of the plant modification is using the extremely antiquated shotgun method where they literally blast plants with genetic material creating a lot of damage in the germ line such as errant novel proteins that nobody can digest and accumulate in fat tissue. CRSPR and other technologies exist, get on it. Then there's the academia corruption fostered to whitewash over all of those. Monsanto's Dicamba research fuckup and attempted researcher blacklisting was a recent and notable example of the latter. When I get the CRSPR version of the golden rice they've been promising for forty years, I'm chowing down.


@GreenandBlack @OCRbot the diagnosis that capitalism is damaging the science is definitely correct, but I had to point out a couple under-identified layers of fuckery.


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@brettleeper thanks for doing so! It'll be exciting to see how CRISPR progresses, everything I've heard about it is incredibly promising

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