Hahahaha tfw Elon Musk yells "oh my fucking god" when they're trying to show how unbreakable the windows on their new truck are during a live presentation and they end up breaking them

@Miredly I love this because it's further proof that how we distribute wealth in Capitalism has nothing to do with any sort of merit

@dualhammers @Miredly
"Oh Christ," I uttered, wheel well and hubcap design 80's fetishism my initial visual offense. The locking bed enabled by the flat slope I rather like, plus manufacturing simplicity. Re the terrifying hard metal skin I'm hearing there'd still be an effective crumple zone re interior passengers because of the frunk. I look forward to a variety of crash test data. I bet safety feature driving intervention vs pedestrian hazard, numerically speaking, outweigh exterior rigidity injuries on non-automated vehicle platforms, but I wish to know if regular automative skin is meaningfully softer or less harmful to flesh. Futurism cheerleading dictates mirrorless demo aesthetics, mirrors will actually come off will be when the cars abjure human drivers or may just be retractible until trailers are running their own camera sensorium and AI conduct. One hopes for practical turn signal indicators and a fucking round wheel.

I mean, I hope Tesla is nationalized and Elon's wealth is returned to the workers that actually earned it. But yeah, mirrors are cool too

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