@jude_ sunbeam was down for a while but it's up now & I'm on desktop. check @wakest 's post

@pfx anyway wiki says you're doubly wrong and this paper says species are a matter of opinion so who cares ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/

@pfx why am i suddenly reading biology papers for fun.
part of me is still 8yo and is elated to find someone encouraging me to read biology papers and part of me wants to go back to those uni friends

@pfx @kyzh tbh i think the stories kids tell each other are better than any horror film

@pfx @kyzh i once got kicked out of the room when watching insidious because i though it was /supposed/ to be hilariously bad

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@pfx you could kick chicken very far, 12/10

@pfx @kyzh i was just gonna say, the only horror i ever liked was stuff i read/watched as a kid.

@kyzh sounds like an idea for an excellent kids book

is anyone else finding that you're suddenly not following people you were 100% sure you were following before? I've come across half a dozen people in the last couple of weeks who I've had to refollow.

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Books on The Picts 

Thanks for all the boosts re looking for good books on The Picts.

For those interested, here are the ones either recommended to me or which I've since come across and look good. I've just listed 3 more recent books, since it will have the latest research and theories.

1. The Picts: a history, by Tim Clarkson. This was recommended to me and I'm halfway through it and it's pretty good. It has a really interesting alternative theory on the Dal Riadian Scots (that I want to see what other historians say!). Mostly easy to read. Go for 2012 or 2016 editions, as includes updates that come out after the 2008 edition.

2. The King in the North: The Pictish Realms of Fortriu and Ce, by Gordon Noble & Nicholas Evans (2019) hive.co.uk/Product/Gordon-Nobl which is a series of essays of the most recent research, including archaeological. Not recommended, just one I found that interested me.

3. The Picts Re-Imagined by Julianna Grigg (2018). Only a short book (120 pages), but apparently brings together recent research amazon.co.uk/dp/1641890916/? (not available on Hive except as an eBook). Also one that just interested me.

#History #Picts #Scotland

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two crossbeams, hanging out in an alley, four handbreadths apart, not touching each other, because that would be *gay* #DafYomi #DafYomeme #Eiruvin14

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@CornishRepublicanArmy no I'm not going full anprim I'll just be stopping technological advancement somewhere arbitrarily medieval

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one of these days "the Luddites were right" will be found written in blood on my garage door and I will have vanished without a trace

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