Would anybody be interested in a long post/blog post about current materials and tech for solar panels? Been doing a lot of reading lately

@becky someone who joined recently got in touch with me to ask about solar power, so might be of interest to them. And yes, I'd certainly read it. Have you been reading out of curiosity or for another purpose?

@becky if you are kind of summarising where the tech is, I'd be interested in that.

@GwenfarsGarden I’ve been mostly looking at material science but I’ll add in an overview and whatever else I come across.

@GwenfarsGarden it’s basically looking at the structures of materials on an atomic level, to decide what applications it would be suitable for, or to improve the physical properties (like strength, stiffness, hardness) to make it suitable.
In this case, I’ve been looking at the materials being researched for potential use in solar panels.

@GwenfarsGarden At the moment, silicon is the most commonly used and most efficient, though not particularly nice on the environment or the people that mine it.
There’s research into other materials that would be more sustainable, but are currently much less efficient.
I also want to look into what materials could be bodged together from the average person’s shed and their efficiency.

@becky sounds really interesting. Thanks for explaining. I'm more an arts than science person, but I like to try and understand.

@becky I wouldn't mind, Would it be about the building process, like where we stand? or the mining industry around it?

@wmd less about the mining industry, more of a look at the other materials that could potentially be used or are being used

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