Level 10 ecologist: Plant trees to help climate change
Level 50 ecologist: Restore ecosystems with large predators so that tree saplings can grow naturally
Level 9001 ecologist: Release lions on golf courses

i renounce the ways of programming. i am now a pumpkin

I'm sorry to hear that :-( If u need to talk feel free to DM me

I'm not sure "warns" is the appropriate word to use when you're talking about something that would be absolutely awesome.

Facebook's leaks revealed it views 11 and 12 year olds as an untapped market. Even knowing it was harming them. Analogies to Big Tobacco are not out of line here.

Maybe the most revolting part to me is how they use family ties to push their destructive product, encouraging promoting play-date scheduling as a way to encourage getting kids locked into Facebook.

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Gonna try to actually post on here. how is everyone?

transphobic christofascists 

Right wing evangelicals from the US finance anti-trans groups in the UK to try to remove our rights and get rid of us. Some of them tried to infiltrate trans groups. This is a leaked fragment from a report showing the results. I’m kinda proud seeing how hard we are for them to infiltrate.

PSA: If you stream on Twitch or create any type of content! A U.S. senator is trying to make a DMCA notice a felony with jail time.

Sign: speed limit enforced by aircraft

Me: yeah right lol

(A plane lands on the road behind me, pulls me over and tickets me)

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