We are excavating our hoard and putting the final spring plans together... glad we sorted and labeled these last year or this would have taken all night. 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_gaysparkle: :ecoanarchism_heart:

This year I was not fooled by the single warm week in February and will be starting the seeds and posting the planting list sometime next week... fool me once, polar vortex. Although on the plus side since the leftist bookstore people flaked out on me last time, I found an even more local seed and plant swap stand where I can drop off a ton of free seedlings for neighbors wanting to grow their own food :_earth: :_earth: :_earth:

Something keeps eating our garden sage but the lavender and oregano next to it are fine. The comfrey and mugwort and lemon balm went somewhat insane over the summer but the yarrow is still small.

well we went absolutely insane overplanting for our overwinter garden so hopefully we get a decent amount of greens and root vegetables this time! grasshoppers and snails are our nemesis.

@ae oh yes, this is a very intentional Anti-Nosy-Neighbor Thorny Hedge :gaysper: I used to have a bunch in my old yard and was able to harvest a lot of berries to eat in springtime. Hopefully the grackles don't get to these first

Glad that I at least started figuring out how to use this site, what with the latest round of bullshit on my old hellsite of choice. No one needs to monetize garden logs and plant shitposts lmfao.

Need to take more photos but in the meantime here are some out of control herbs... And the poor brave Rue soldiers, guarding the house from any witch curses that might be hurled at us (this is what grandmas tell me), and also being demolished so we might have swallowtails.

my friend: "your plant hermit life must be so tranquil"
me, at the moment I receive this text: knocking huge grasshoppers off my basil plants with a stick at 1am

Might amazingly have a few garden survivors of the Great Texas Ice Storm ™️ and hoping my trees pull through. This passionflower on the other hand...

frozen rosemary flowers are what happens when the covers get blown off by the wind

Some new leaves on our blackberry starts for my update today :_earth: :_earth: :_gaysparkle: So far so good on the not-getting-crunched-by-dogs front.

Aŋpéhaŋ wažúštečasapa k'uŋ uŋkóič'ižupi :_earth: :_earth: :_earth: :_earth: :yell:

I have ordered so many, many medicinal herbs seeds... Also finally got some blackberry starts. Going to make a hedge between us and the Nosy Neighbor who's always staring at us.

I covered my plants last night and now it has rained and snowed on the cloths I used and it's going to be still freezing tonight... good luck little plants 😔😔 still can't believe it actually snowed.

Not sure if it's Lineage or just the camera on this thing but I can't take plant photos as well as on other phones... I wanted to see how these dormant plants would show up

Plant-sitting for a friend and their plant and mine, the same species, had wildly different reactions to a light freeze for which they were covered 😔😔😔 now I have to tell them it mysteriously got damaged and mine didn't...

Shionni doesn't even like scones but if she sees you eating one she will expect tribute.

@jude_ lmao I worked at a garden center like that and literally no one cared not even management.. those are just gonna get swept up into the trash anyway!

@GwenfarsGarden we shall see! here in Tejas we've been known to still be harvesting tomatoes in January so I'm curious to see if these baby pumpkins still get big! 🎃🤞 I'll just plant the winter garden around them.

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