We are excavating our hoard and putting the final spring plans together... glad we sorted and labeled these last year or this would have taken all night. 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_earth: 🌱 :_gaysparkle: :ecoanarchism_heart:

Something keeps eating our garden sage but the lavender and oregano next to it are fine. The comfrey and mugwort and lemon balm went somewhat insane over the summer but the yarrow is still small.

Need to take more photos but in the meantime here are some out of control herbs... And the poor brave Rue soldiers, guarding the house from any witch curses that might be hurled at us (this is what grandmas tell me), and also being demolished so we might have swallowtails.

Might amazingly have a few garden survivors of the Great Texas Ice Storm ™️ and hoping my trees pull through. This passionflower on the other hand...

frozen rosemary flowers are what happens when the covers get blown off by the wind

Some new leaves on our blackberry starts for my update today :_earth: :_earth: :_gaysparkle: So far so good on the not-getting-crunched-by-dogs front.

Not sure if it's Lineage or just the camera on this thing but I can't take plant photos as well as on other phones... I wanted to see how these dormant plants would show up

Shionni doesn't even like scones but if she sees you eating one she will expect tribute.

They're so late but depending on the weather we may still get some pumpkins 🎃 :gaysper:

We got so much rain there are mushrooms growing in the garden 🍄🌱🌧️

A few of our grasshopperpocalypse survivors for the updates. A little pumpkin seedling, Malabar spinach, and some moss roses to attract the poor confused pollinators since the porch plants aren't flowering 🌱🌸 :_earth: :_gaysparkle:

We thought this parsley was dead but it's back to try and murder our thyme 😆😔 problems

In today's news I murdered a few of my seedlings but at least my Monstera is recovering fast from being neglected under the porch for too long.

Leggy but coming up! 🌱 :_earth: 🌱🌿 I'll move them into a better light once this lovely rain forsakes us

Didn't get these done in time for but we got the first wave of seeds planted for what's been deemed Gardenpocalypse.

We're starting extra beans, swiss chard, collards, okra, corn, peppers, zucchini and squash to give away the baby plants to our friends and a guerilla garden I volunteered to help some fellow anarchists set up :anarchism: :_earth: :_gayheart2:

We've both been so busy but finally got together with my friend to make medicines for our friends for

We already had a lot of tinctures and teas ready such as Echinacea, fire cider, and respiratory health blends which we have been sharing so today we added an elderberry syrup to the arsenal. We used basically this recipe with our own tweaks. blog.mountainroseherbs.com/eld

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