what if we...
started unions...
at our tech jobs...
aha, just kidding


woops, forgot description on this, sorry!

image is of a comcast xfinity dns filter warning me that anarchy.works might compromise my device or contain dangerous content, with a button to "return to safety" and another to proceed anyway

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apparently, Comcast thinks anarchy.works, a website that is 100% text without any JS, is a security threat

But they still let me go to Facebook without a disclaimer... 🤔

@popefucker@cybre.space lmao

my answer:

Yes. Without the private sector, healthcare will be run like the Post Office. (which is Good™)

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@popefucker@cybre.space kickstarter.com/projects/zainm

is this cool? or just some liberal BS? I get some "western liberal democracy is good, but can only be reformed if we all understand how it works" vibes from it, but it might also be fun

Well at least something of worth came out of this whole shitshow :iww:

"There are only two hard problems in computer science: naming, cache-invalidation, and off-by-one errors. Deadnaming is all three of these."

(Source: Apocryphal, seen on work chat)

@cori smh, I just heard people on the radio _questioning_ why Carly Rae would be the #1 trend in Boston after selling out the House of Blues 😒

academia (-?) 

My advisor is convinced that I’m a deadline-driven person and that I’ll succeed by working really hard around the deadline, but this feels so ridiculously self-destructive. I can’t do it anymore.

I used to be fine with pushing work to deadlines, but now each time, I have more and more anxiety, and feel worse and worse about how I’m doing.

I really need to figure out ways to work more effectively over time to stop this situation from happening, but nothing has really prepared me to do that.

Being on a train in France is wild cause every once in a wild you'll pass a town and it's like wait a second that's a cheese

For the first time since Mac OS X 10.3, Apple have changed the default shell! Starting in 10.15, it’ll be zsh instead of bash. (It will be unchanged for existing accounts.) support.apple.com/en-ca/HT2080

Pissing off people on all sides of the political spectrum by insisting that Vladimir Lenin was in the Beatles and refusing to change my mind

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