We're proud to be part of meet.coop⁩, an open-source meeting and videoconferencing platform powered by ⁨@bigbluebutton⁩ running on cooperatively owned infrastructure 🌐

BigBlueButton is great for large events, and has powered some of our favorite open source conferences this year, like ⁨⁩ and HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) πŸ‘½

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A big thanks to all confirmed members contributing to The Online Meeting Cooperative incl. @HyphaCoop@twitter.com @open_coop@twitter.com @AnimorphCoop@twitter.com @MayFirst@twitter.com @Tech_We_Trust@twitter.com Remix the Commons Autonomic.Zone @FKinstitute@twitter.com @Webarchcoop@twitter.com @DigiDemLab@twitter.com @CollectiveTools@twitter.com

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Heard about this alternative to zoom? An open source video tool for meetings and conferences, managed by a new platform from @webarchcoop@twitter.com @digidemlab@twitter.com @femprocomuns@twitter.com and powered by @bigbluebutton@twitter.com πŸ‘‰

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One of our clients, @unitetheunion@twitter.com London ITC Workers Branch, have had their site, unitelondonitc.org.uk/ blocked by @EE@twitter.com and @O2@twitter.com, if this to prevent young people knowing about Trade Unions!? blocked.org.uk/site/http://www @OpenRightsGroup@twitter.com @harryrobbins@twitter.com

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We at Autonomic are kind of more @MastodonProject@twitter.com users than we are Twitter and I must say logging in after a while is a disconcerting experience.

It seems like you have to negotiate with the UI just to get anything done. There is random crap in the feed.

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The Solidarity Kitchen has gotten almostπŸ’₯3000πŸ’₯free hot meals to people across Birmingham in just a few weeks! πŸ₯³

If you're in a relatively comfortable position with money, please consider sharing that resource so your fellow Brummies don't go hungry ✊

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🌈🌻 Datpy, the punk-to-punk protocol in Python 🐍 β™₯️


A new Python implementation of the Dat protocol is cooking at Autonomic.

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Today we had a conference call with other members of @CoTechUK@twitter.com to share insights into our approaches to pitching for work. Incredibly inspirational to see the quality & diversity of approaches, and be reminded of the solidarity, openness and mutual support we have 😍😍

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Thanks @outlandish@twitter.com for a pulling together a great skills share session this afternoon.
Lovely to see @cotech@twitter.com friends from @AgileCollective@twitter.com @autonomiccoop@twitter.com @wave_design@twitter.com @space4coop@twitter.com among others,

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New blog post:

Life under lockdown

TDLR: We're all fine. Now is time to get organised!

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Autonomic are working on supporting local mutual aid groups with tech infrastructure.



Pls share

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The is coming and micro-targeted ads with it. But how did the parties get your ? Find out with our new web tool! Join dozen of other people who demand parties reveal what personal data they are holding.


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Here is the video explaining our new campaign: Who do political parties think we are? Let's find out together!


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Ok we've tweaked the settings for the cross posting now. I hope it's a little better for everyone. Twitter is horrendous.

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I'm very pleased to remind you that will take place in only 7 days!

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@IT_Kollektiv@twitter.com Our DECT number should be: 6992

Thanks to @eventphone@twitter.com as always.

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Really excited for πŸ‘½πŸͺπŸ’Ώ

We're going to be doing something with @IT_Kollektiv@twitter.com
about tech

I think we're the only co-op from who are going. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to meet up.

Wow. What a rollercoaster 🎒 General election and then the gathering at @StarAndShadow@twitter.com in beautiful Newcastle. I didn't even charge up my phone till the end of two days. Great conversations. There is still hope for the future πŸŒˆπŸ’– πŸ’»

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