Really excited for 👽🪐💿

We're going to be doing something with
about tech

I think we're the only co-op from who are going. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to meet up.

Wow. What a rollercoaster 🎢 General election and then the gathering at in beautiful Newcastle. I didn't even charge up my phone till the end of two days. Great conversations. There is still hope for the future 🌈💖 💻

Hi, everyone! We are a workers co-op, predominately based in the UK.

We provide tech services with a commitment to privacy, transparency and sustainability. We have a strong commitment to libre software.

We are especially interested in working with co-ops and other collective organisations working for a better world.

This account is simultaneously posting on both Twitter and Mastodon (Fediverse). Bear with us while we tweak the settings for this integration. It might be a little annoying till we figure this out 😄


Tremendous thanks to everyone who made the spring gathering such brilliant time spent together. So much talent, vision, commitment, and personality in one space. Let's keep spinning these new realities 🌀



We had some great discussions with the co-op tech workers from at the event in about the ways we can co-operate on projects at an international level and we are sure good things will come from this trip


Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.