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another fun Common Law Fact™️: if a law says "he or she," non-binary people are excluded from it! this means enbies are immune to about 3/4 of american federal laws, and most state laws too.

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water. ~ Benjamin Franklin

since leaving the usa, I've still felt consistent levels of sorrow, doom, and indecision, but the terror has mostly gone away.

J.R.R. Tolkien once said that the most beautiful phrase in the English language was 'flavor blasted'

getting a bit bored of shuffling around different combinations of words in an attempt to find the one that will name my True Essence. it sure is a good thing that I actually have a True Essence to name, because if I didn't, that would be so fucked up. it would be so embarrassing

You barricade yourself in your hotel room; it becomes a fascist rally. You write a concept album about your alienation; it becomes the Thatcherite Revolution. You live in modern luxury; it becomes a mad haunted house. This is a story about Pink Floyd's The Wall and the culmination of half a century of No Alternative.

(lol i wrote article 🤷‍♀️ :ms_brick: )

im thinking im gonna strive to persevere in my own being. just a new thing im thinking of trying out

Never answer email. Answering email just encourages people to email you again. Vicious cycle. Not worth it.

they created a society where only people of a particular neurological shape can prosper then abused us for having different brains, blamed us for not prospering, and condemned us for having poor mental health as a result of this

be careful to rest and take care of yourself. it's more of a marathon than a sprint

i hate the idea of canon. like u do realise nothing in star wars actually happened. none of it is real. it doesnt matter.

take my love take my land take me where I cannot stand

i feel like i would be really goot at piloting an evangelion

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