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I think about this graph that shows that Cuba is the only country in the world with a high development index that's developed sustainably... all the time

gorillaz is the homestuck of music; i refuse to elaborate on this

floating high above the discourse, untouched by thought or argument

teach your children to yell at a space they don't like. encourage them to shout and holler at a shitty landscape

haha why is it that google maps satellite view won't remove the national borders? hmmm....

me: *turns off car radio to hear what a crow has to say*

crow: caw

me: fucking superb you funky little death omen

who was that person who was asking about a collective that needs a graphic designer? I am actually starting a collective.

Two hours in and I'm still getting paid to sit and chill while this rain keeps pouring

Is this what its like to be a CEO

With the debate over #Microsoft #Windows vs #GNU #Linux raging on, I look at why Windows is unquestionably the top choice in the foreseeable in terms of ease, #accessibility, and #ethics. Noble as #FOSS advocacy is, can it really compete, especially among #women, going forward?

'Platforms don’t want to build trust; they want to monopolize it. The whole point is to allow for encounters that don’t require interpersonal trust, because platforms support an infrastructure that makes trust irrelevant. Platforms posit human behavior not as contingent and relational but individuated, behavioristic, and predictable. All you need is to collect data about people; this is sufficient to control and contain their interactions with each other in the aggregate over time.'

if i disappear suddenly, i was probably got by the cops or feds. oh well.

through the course of regular daily life it is impossible not to break the law. on some level we are all criminals. however, the state is selective about who it labels criminals. in a nation of laws the oppressor dominates others through selective enforcement
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