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@Mainebot Seems like good advice. I didn't even know you could turn off permadeath. I might even stream it once I get my shit together.... thanks again! sorta makes me want to find out how to survive more than 10 minutes in Caves of Qud


@jacethechicken @Aleums u should always brainstorm in response to some random shit your opponent does on their turn

@starwall can u call the meme Illuminati and ask for a favor? I have a few jpegs that I want everyone on earth to see.

another fun Common Law Fact™️: if a law says "he or she," non-binary people are excluded from it! this means enbies are immune to about 3/4 of american federal laws, and most state laws too.

@pikachu if you're curious, the default accent for singers is Oasis

@pikachu there's a singing accent that's just for singing people. that's why most singers sound the same.

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water. ~ Benjamin Franklin

since leaving the usa, I've still felt consistent levels of sorrow, doom, and indecision, but the terror has mostly gone away.

J.R.R. Tolkien once said that the most beautiful phrase in the English language was 'flavor blasted' it's too bad people like labels so much

getting a bit bored of shuffling around different combinations of words in an attempt to find the one that will name my True Essence. it sure is a good thing that I actually have a True Essence to name, because if I didn't, that would be so fucked up. it would be so embarrassing

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