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I haven't really had time to do any , sadly, because I'm hella busy right now.

Though admittedly, the stuff I'm busy with is artificial photosynthesis – looking for molecules which can use sunlight to capture CO2 and store energy while alleviating the effects of global warming.

...which... probably?... counts...?

Does distributing last years identical assignment to my coursemates count for

#SolarpunkActionWeek yesterday I cut some twigs of the following plants:
- currant ( Ribes rubrum)
- raspberry ( Rubus idaeus)
- aronia / chokeberry ( Aronia melanocarpa)

which I then planted in the soil (and some of them I put in a glass of water).
I hope that they will grow into new plants. I know (well, I've read it somewhere...) this should work for Ribes and Aronia, and I'm just taking changes with the Rubus - not much to lose after all.

#SolarPunk #Planting #Permaculture

Oh, it's #SolarpunkActionWeek !

It didn't notice until now, but nonetheless yesterday I baked some #bread (rye and wheat bought directly from an #organic farmer in my neighborhood ).

I used an electric oven (and also an electrical mill to grind the grain), but did so when the sun was shining, thus it was powered via my #SolarPanels.
Quite high-tech I agree, hope that still counts for #SolarPunk .

Also, I gave some of the fresh baked bread away to friends and they seemed very happy about it!

a volunteer who's been helping us write grants is visiting, from TN, hears about our "business" model - locate ourselves at the border of affluent and disadvantaged communities, market sales and service to the rich folks, turn around and use those funds to serve the disadvantaged folks, and his response is "wow that would work [exactly where i live]" hell yeah that's what I like to hear

we're going to be humble guests of honor at a daily breakfast for people experiencing homelessness, answering questions, doing bike tuneups and introducing folks to our new open shop and free classes, and seeing what other ways we can help for

bro asked me to repair the pockets of his pants, i said i didn't had the right colored thread and that i only had red. he said that, being he a commie, red is always the right colored thread.
lots of things are nice, repairing instead of buying and having a super cool communist brother are on the top of the list

figuring out how to harness oyster mushrooms to decompose trash into fertilizer at an accelerated rate because #solarpunk

Hi I'm Brandon, aka Comrade Squidward on other instances. I wanted to show off the tiny first step we're making to being sustainable.

We took the down spout chain from our shed and directed it into a 55 gallon drum. We have more plumbing plans in store for this, plus a second barrel for the main house downspout. We're going to use it to water an herb garden we're planting soon :)


sold the car! actually only coincidentally on but I'll take it. so now we have exactly $666 in the bank


Hah, turns out I started a Scoby stealing scheme right on solarpunk action week. Here's some sweet tea mixed with raw organic kombucha, in the hopes I can culture a mother Scoby. Will check back in in a week!

Blueberry bushes this weekend, holes dug yesterday. Excited about the gardening and time spent w/ my wife. :)

Project mostly complete: solar charger for a battery pack. Panel is meant to be buttoned onto the bag I'm carrying. It's mostly stock components from Adafruit in a 3d-printed enclosure I designed. And the buttons are custom because I'm too lazy to buy any. But I've often had phone batteries give out and this could let me keep using an old phone for another year. Plus it's a visible statement in favor of solar.

#solarpunk #solarpunkactionweek @actionweek

Spent a little while this evening sieving the frass out of my single-box mealworm setup. This time, I am seeing little larvae, indicating that the adults are successfully mating, and the cycle is working. I'm still harvesting plenty of pupae to feed to the wild-birds (I pay my taxes! :) ).
I'm thinking it might be time to start taking some pictures and document it for / @actionweek. I started this as an experiment in a temperate-climate alternative to black-soldier-fly composting, and so far it's looking like a success.. although I'm still learning, and there's plenty more to be learned on how to do this best.
Managing "wet" waste, in particular, is going to be harder to do with this method: I think Darkling Beetles (=mealworms) prefer mostly dry conditions. Possibly this can be managed with partial dehydration/solar-drying of waste, or perhaps just "mix with sawdust", but then you're maybe just hot-composting. Like I said, lots to learn. :)

Working in a hardware store has really shown me how much we need

We have a whole wall of sockets for socket wrenches, around two dozen imperial and two dozen metric, and the differences between them are so minuscule that people have no choice but to bring the thing in and just keep trying sockets until one fits. And that's not even mentioning the whole aisle of different screws and nails. 90% of this stuff could just not exist, since they serve the exact same purpose as the other 10%

The solution is standardized, open-source . If you're one of the heroes building the new world (aka ) please make it a world that works with OpenStructures

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

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