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time to myself, i’m danny (he/him) and i’m a physics major undergrad interested in a sustainable future, leftist thought, and making art, although not necessarily in that order. i am also openly gay and trans and interested in lgbtq issues.

i’m partially a member of the tumblr exodus but this is not my first time on mastodon, i am simply moving instances.

i’m somewhat shy but will do my best to interact with people, feel free to talk to me though!

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Two dudes kissing. Boost of you agree

4 days later and this is still exactly true

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rn i want three things in life: sleep, listening to the talking heads, and doing physics homework, in that order

update did not fuck around and take a nap i’m procrastinating doing readings by going to the gym instead

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remember when you were someone who is not the person who you are now? wild

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It's not hard to not be creepy, but it is hard to carve out a positive masculinity in a toxic masculine culture

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im just gonna include this bc you shouldn't feel bad not knowing when you don't live around a place where they launch shuttles. they don't launch em in bad weather bc it can explode. the money it takes to repair it is a lot, but mainly it's for the fact that the initial explosion and the chemical exhaust that's given off is extremely harmful to surrounding towns/areas. it's REALLY not about the money yknow.

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tried to undo a brush stroke in krita, and krita froze on me..... i saved pretty recently but i irrationally want to wait to see if it will unfreeze, when it would probably take me all of five minutes to redo the bit i lost.....

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@nessotropheion @acceleraptor Yes, Wisteria. That looks like a beautifully trained specimen, and quite old with those thick trunks.

i don’t know what these flowers are but i haven’t seen them flowering before!

help i need to do my homework but i just want to look up and read gay sci-fi

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does the cw on a toot usually count as part of the character count? isn’t letting me post a toot because it’s almost exactly the character limit but the cw brings it over the limit

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