Rusko - Cockney Thug is eleven and a half years old. I was not prepared to process this fact.

Life's gotten too predictable. Being ADHD in your thirties is always looking for the knob on life marked "weird shit" and cranking it up to 11 the moment things make sense.

Is why I can't have nice things I guess

"Ya can't reason a body out of a notion they weren't reasoned in to. "

This happy little Melothria Pendula grows back in the same spot every summer. It's got a half dozen tiny watermelon looking cucumbers this year, and it makes me so happy :3

I drafted up cleaned up version of the geometric real solutions to a cubic equation.

It's more fulfilling for me to do them by hand, but it's definitely much prettier when done in geogebra.

whoops, one of the tangents is mislabeled, welp c'est la vie

Archimedes HATES this, Solve cubic equations with this one weird trick! 

Hi guys!
As an to my particular brand of bullshit, here's how to geometrically find the real solutions to cubic equations using euclidean construction techniques plus a pinch of origami!

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