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amazing thing about this motherboard is that i can physically switch off pcie slots. incredible motherboard, really lucky i only paid $100 for it.

went onto english wikipedia and the first thing i see is j.k. rowling. went onto esperanto wikipedia and immediately see corn, communism, and sex.

i have Very strong opinions about UI/UX stuff, maybe i should get into it

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Cringe is a concept invented by the ruling class to restrain your power level

the older i get, the more i think ubuntu was onto something with unity

kinda glad i didn't go with gentoo; compiling just arctic fox took 11 minutes, and i have a reasonably powered machine lol. granted, that's a web browser, and i remember from the good old days of running freebsd on my grandparents' computer as a teen that compiling ports = time for a tea break, i've just grown too comfortable with speed.

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terminal emulator called titty when?

my new cpu cooler is very performant but i'm sad i had to front mount instead of top mount; it is rather loud

benefits of dragonfly bsd: has catgirl
drawbacks of debian: does not have catgirl

using mate, this is a very pleasant experience

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debian just booted like no problem. no black screen with amdgpu. i know they were trying to fix that with 11 (i tested 11.0, no beans) but it looks like they've actually done it now (11.3). beautiful.

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i broke xorg somehow without directly touching it, hmm. that's okay tho, i was just gonna download and install Unbreakable™ debian so i can have ms teams running all good and well by the time i have my interview. i really like dragonfly tho, definitely wanna keep a dragonfly vm as a pet.

i'm just gonna spend the $10 for an old radeon and be happy with my life, that's what it all comes down to

i do plan on investing in a few more ssds so that i can install whatever the fuck i want and slowly work on getting them all up to speed at my own pace, tuned just how i like them, while always having something to fall back on in case i need the amenities of another OS. but that's a lot of money i don't have atm.

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ngl the lack of documentation is kinda killing dragonfly for me. i just need a graphics card that doesn't rely on amdgpu. radeon gpus are a dime a dozen and work great. but i like having dp 1.4 (as i run 3440x1440@144hz). i like to put myself in predicaments huh. well, i did just get an email about an ms teams interview, so i either gotta set up my windows drive or just switch to debi-- [breaks down sobbing as the cycle continues and i fail to commit to anything]

i gave up on linux because it's bad, now i'm on dragonfly with xfce and it's good. only problem is the desktop is very slow; i think i'll need to tweak/handcraft some xorg.conf stuff to play nice with my gpu, which was never my speciality. i tried adding the modesetting stuff as per but no beans. or rather, xorg thinks there's no screen, which i think means i actually have to make the rest of the xorg.conf stuff. but i presume it's fixable. also ran into two bugs with netsurf, so i should probably mention something about those. my main goal is to get a pale moon-esque browser onto here eventually. i don't like having to use firefox.

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Imagine if YouTube was shut down.

It would be a literal tragedy for the human race. Billions of hours worth of creativity would disappear in an instant.

"That would never happen!" some believe.

But it already has.

Remember Google+? All of it's gone forever.

Or remember all that media stored on MySpace? It's vanished.

We must stop depending on Big Tech to archive our data. Their mandate is to profit off our data, not preserve it.

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