Good night, City of Sunbeam! FUCK COPS, as always! :battery_empty:

international nude day, intentional non-binary day, and Bastille day are all the same day, this can only mean one thing...

you can’t say mao in r/landlords because they set up a bot to delete any post containing his name

Thanks @lila for the stickers! I'm gonna put a few in strategic places around town and then give the rest to the Free Store's sticker bowl when they're up and running again ✊💕

being a South Bend native at this point in time is super weird because our small ass city is getting national attention right now


Libertarian Fandom weirdly quiet about rent and surplus labor value.

"THE GOVERNMENT KEEPS TAXING ME FOR LIKE ALL MY INCOME!?!" well maybe if you didn't have to spend half of that income on being alive in someone else's house and then also not even be paid anything close to the amount of labor you produce, then that wouldn't matter as much.

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"your take is bad and you should feel bad" says local Twitter user with North Korea flag in their display name


Some guy on Instagram saw me make a "cisphobic" comment on a political page so he went to my profile and saw my "they/them pronouns" bio and was like "LMAO okay but you're obviously a girl" and that gave me the most confusing euphoria. Like, uncool that this person went out of their way to make me feel bad about my pronouns, but also, was it really that ambiguous??? Cool!!!

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hell yeah babey I did makeup and put on a dress and got all dolled up just for the hell of it.


part of me is pretending I'm boycotting Eurovision right now but the other part of me knows that I'm an American who has literally never watched Eurovision and pretty much only found out what it was two years ago

Who the fuck is screaming "Fuck the police!" at my house? Show yourself coward! I will never fuck police!

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Cons of trans military ban: most things about it, such as rise in transphobia, progress for bigoted agendas, etc.


Popular opinion: you're a fantastic person who deserves more love

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So I don't think we (we being broadly, white people) DO have a concept that can translate "spirit animal." But that's okay! I put "problem" in quotes because I don't think it's inherently bad if one culture can't use or translate the concepts of another culture, and in fact, I think it's bad if a culture that has done so much damage to another culture attempts the forcible assimilation (and lets face it, commodification) of the attacked cultures ideas. So in short, if you're white or otherwise not indigenous to the Americas, and you really like an animal, just say "I really like this animal." or even, "I see a metaphor for my life and struggles in what this animal does." but do NOT say "they are my spirit animal"

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genocide, White people, Spirit Animals 

So spirit animals came up, which means it's always a good time to remember that people who aren't indigenous to the Americas don't HAVE spirit animals, that there is more or less no tradition of worshipping and spiritually identifying with the spirits of animals in the European imagination, and that it is grossly cruel and inappropriate, considering the European invasion of and ongoing genocide of the American peoples, for European descended people to make claim to Indigenous spirituality

genocide, White people, Spirit Animals 

I feel one of the "problems" we keep running into, with discussions of spirit animals, is that white people really DON'T have anything like spirit animals in their cultures. We can talk about patronus', or daemons, or in some dark corners of the web, fursonas, but all of these lack the spiritual gravitas and register of discussing specifically spirit animals. Familiars are an interesting parallel, but it's worth noting that we only know about them through condemnations of witchcraft, we don't know if anyone practiced a spirituality centered around identifying with animals in the west except through the mouths of accusations of a bestial nature to magic and magic users. In most European writing I've come across about these things, the metaphor is almost wholly negative. It is about how the person who shares traits with animals is LESS than human.

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