Good night, City of Sunbeam! FUCK COPS, as always! :battery_empty:

international nude day, intentional non-binary day, and Bastille day are all the same day, this can only mean one thing...

you can’t say mao in r/landlords because they set up a bot to delete any post containing his name

Thanks @lila for the stickers! I'm gonna put a few in strategic places around town and then give the rest to the Free Store's sticker bowl when they're up and running again ✊💕

being a South Bend native at this point in time is super weird because our small ass city is getting national attention right now


pol, birdsite 


selfie, eye contact 


Who the fuck is screaming "Fuck the police!" at my house? Show yourself coward! I will never fuck police!

military, transphobia 

Popular opinion: you're a fantastic person who deserves more love

genocide, White people, Spirit Animals 

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genocide, White people, Spirit Animals 

genocide, White people, Spirit Animals 

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