... there is currently a guy on #gab going off about "web 3.0" and how after federating "gab should move to the blockchain."

Also, apparently we are mad, and Eugen is very mad. I'm not sure what we're all mad about, but they are very adament. The general attitude I see around here to gab federating is "eating popcorn while tuning a spam filter."

Crows roost communally. Crows can describe individual humans and inform other crows in their community about threats and friends. Corvids are highly intelligent and very social. Birds are dinosaurs.

Part of the fun of feeding crows is realizing that, as a direct result, real live dinosaurs are going to talk to each other about you personally.

When you think about it, isn't it really the cars that are taking up all the potential tree space?

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You shall live a short, inconsequential life, only to be brutally devoured by a sea otter.

cringeworthy interwebs nostalgia 

@mooncalf this sounds like yesterday. Or tomorrow.

@bhtooefr this is very familiar. Message boards still exist!

"Epic threads" would go viral just by being linked onto other forums by posters on the originating forum, and they'd quickly devolve into a discussion of the presumed epicness of the thread, with new members joining to say where they came from and to laud/make fun of the OP.

(The usual causes of an "epic thread", IME, were either someone doing something perceived as incredibly awesome, or something so incredibly poorly thought out that the "entire internet" needed to make fun of them.)

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Something I encountered from a bygone era of forum culture: the idea of an "epic thread".

I feel like it's something that died somehow in modern social media culture, with how screenshots from other communities are shared, rather than links directly to the original discussion, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Going to do some write-ups tonight for some some BBSes. Still a long way to go, and I'm still just on the 'A's!

I hope by doing this I can expose the wider world to BBSes once again and help Sysops to grow their communities(If they want it grown, that is).

I think BBSes are still a valid form of community. We should embrace them again. Tildes, BBSes, IRC, Matrix, Tox etc should pave the way towards a new future.


I added my notes for the last season of Star Trek: The Original Series and my notes for Star Trek: Discovery to my Star Trek Journey page.


#tv #startrek

Before the internet was widely available, virtually ALL of "online" was volunteer run (BBSes).

Commerce is not necessary for online community, and as far as I can tell it has only ever been a detriment.

The Connors ift.tt/2KfKGi2 It looks like ABC has officially greenlighted the Roseanne spin-off series, The Connors. It seems that Roseanne worked out a deal with ABC to do the spinoff so that the show will continue without her involvement.

On the one hand, it's great …

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