Mental health 

My entire brain is covered in scar tissue

Genetically engineered corn dog with a thin single bone down the middle instead of a stick.

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If it wasn't for capitalism, I'd have more time for anal sex.

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aging shitpost 

I can't wait to hear the opening strains of Oh Comely and burst out of my senility for 8 minutes of lucid thought

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yang's 1000 dollar dividend comes in the form of greasy leather coin pouches tossed onto pub counters by local unctuous courtiers

Arbys is making a s'mores milkshake

I like to think of myself as coolthetic


The cool thing about life is the constant, crushing failure

Currently working on complex al gore rhythms

That episode where squidward moves into a village full of squidwards and gets sick of it is what happens when you make an ethnostate

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