There is no debate to be held about the ethnic cleansing BP is currently profiting off of in West Papua. There is no debate to be held about the responsibility of companies in regards to global warming: their attitude of profit above all else has led us to where we are now.

Neoliberal and corporate approaches to climate change that feed into capitalism will never solve the problem. We refuse to participate in “civil discussion” with anyone affiliated with BP.

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Footage of excessive police violence during GAF protest 

The police exist to defend the rich and their property.

As anti-capitalists we know this, but it is rarely shown like it was at the Rally Against Capital where we saw the police line up to defend the London Stock Exchange and the bankers inside who looked on from above.

We saw police use huge and unreasonable force against activists as seen above, using their knees to restrict the airways of protesters.

The police will never stop defending the state and the rich so we will never stop fighting back and defending ourselves and others

Graffiti seen on police station shows and the names of those killed by police in London.

We must all continue to a fight for a world without state violence.

Tomorrow morning they will surround the Paddington Green Police station in the event the bailiffs are told to force entry. We need to stop them for everyone living there, and for every family they will come for after. This Event is not only to raise awareness of the hideous neglect of our country but to use any means necessary to peacefully prevent the eviction.

We will gather by the telephone boxes outside of Paddington Green at 10AM Tommorrow. PLEASE share this around to anyone who’d be able to show up and show their support.

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