Startling sometimes how frightened suburban whites are of people who look even slightly poor

Un homme est tombé dans la rivière à lego city

Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

this is directed at nobody here, because nobody could possibly be that soulless right? 

Remember when you're cramming into shops on Black Friday to look the service workers in the eye so you can see how dead they've become because of you, and then leave them a tip equal to at least half the money you saved by making their day miserable so they can afford rent this month.

my career goals are Obamaesque β€” arrive under unprecedented enthusiasm, half-ass my only big project, dip out right before things go to shit and then have everyone admire and miss me anyways.

Not everything has to be a fucking ironic shitpost, not everything has to be for an aidience, not everything needs to be easy to consume, not everything should be consumed.
Share a thought in the way it comes to you best, and other's receptions of your thought are about them, not you.
Stop trying to market your Self, stop trying to box yourself in, stop joking about brands and cancelling. It's not helping, it's old trash from other worlds.

duck duck go how to forgive past self for mistakes

Aujourd'hui c'est le #TDOR, le Trans Day Of Remembrance, un jour pour se souvenir des personnes dΓ©cΓ©dΓ©es Γ  cause de la transphobie.

Shit is going down in Hong Kong. Some speak of a new Tien'anmen Square Massacre.

The battle of the Polytechnic University has reached unsee leaves of violence as fire, toxic gas and live ammo is being used against the people protesting.

People from outside are trying to force the police blocus, but it's very hard and evacuation is impossible.

Even first aiders are denied entry.

#freehongkong #polyu #hongkong

register to vote! 

This is a once in a generation election! You have until 11:59pm on the 26 Nov to register!

You can also vote in the general election if you're an Irish or Commonwealth citizen.

You can also vote in the GE if you're a UK citizen abroad and you've been abroad 15 years or less!

universities: 5 bn €
health & the environment: 2.8 bn €
construction & public space: 3.5 bn €
defense: 10,5 bn €

somebody who is good at the economy help me budget this my country is dying

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my therapist: Chemistry Santa isn't real, he can't hurt you

Chemistry Santa:

As a smol person sometimes I just want to be carried

lmao my mom just tried to convince me this is a pipe

Just remember folks. If you are on in the

You can get lots of free shit like free dental care, no prescription charges, money off glasses and contact lenses, wigs etc

There might more stuff. This article in the Sun (I'd spit on it if it wasn't my own monitor) says you can get some sort of railcard. Not sure on that one?

Pls boost if ur adjacent to UK folks :boost_ok:

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