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so Jonathan Van Ness declares that he's nonbinary and prefers he/him pronouns and accepts she/her but he is not a man.

in other words:


amazing anti-iww propaganda 

Please employers, continue to do our job of unionizing your employees against you for us :blocblob: :iww: :blackcat:


Vote No on October 22nd, and here's why...

1. Wobblies believe employers are the enemy, we believe in working together as a team.

2. Wobblies want to abolish capitalism. We're proud to be American!

3. Wobblies use direct action and sabotage. WE believe in cooperation, respect and tolerance.

4. Wobblies take your money to further THEIR cause. We provide jobs to help further YOUR cause.

5. Wobblies want "a new world arising from the ashes of the old." We make sandwhiches. No, really!


The IWW (Wobblies) are...

"The IWW and Communist leaders declare that failure serves to hasten movement towards revolution" - N.Y. Times

"No Gods No Masters" Against All Authority - Anarchism

"The army of production must be organized... to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown" - IWW

I head home to the States today, and yesterday I treated myself to getting hand-painted Ripley Scroll sneakers based on pictures I took at the Wellcome Library.

Gender is like Pokémon: there are over 800 currently identified with more being discovered on a regular basis. Also, many of them grow and change over time, becoming more powerful in the process.

Walked with my brother down to the clothes donation bin saw these on the way. They just would not be contained in this persons yard.

I think I found some thistles growing by the curb. Didn’t know they grew here

I love how plants have found a way to make a home in this concrete river bed.

Saw these on another walk around the park across the street from my job. It’s actually across the street from that park. I think it’s the same as the one if took on our Main Street a few nights ago.

Vox is on strike today- they're trying to unionize! ✊

As a result, consuming media today from Vox, The Verge, or Polygon constitutes breaking a picket line.

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:sm64_a: :sm64_s::sm64_c::sm64_a::sm64_b::sm64_p::sm64_l::sm64_z: ❤️

Tabletop Stories: Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

El Cucuy tried to shake the fear but couldn't he retreated and nearly slipped on the ice beneath him.

Chamda went to intimidate him again. "Don't you realize we're scarier than you."

Stax took aim at El Cucuy again but just before they could pull the trigger they were slammed in the side by Felipe. Stax was caught off guard by the attack and fell once again from the Treehouse.

Felipe and Raidah ran for the hand elevator to the Treehouse and took it down as fast as they safely could just barely breaking.

At the bottom Raidah ran up to up to El Cucuy patted him on the side cooing "It's alright I'm here."

Felipe placed a bucket of rocks on the ground between them and picked up a rock. Raidah turned to face them anger in her eyes, sling in her hand.

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Tabletop Stories: Mild Body Horror, Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

El Cucuy reared up and slashed at Dan. Den's Barrier went up but covered the wrong side. El Cucuy's attacks struck true and sent the Dan from whence he came.

Den was pissed.

Chamda now feeling truly bold and brave once again attempted to Intimidate El Cucuy and was successful.

Stax finished his climb and ended up on the veranda of a three room tree house. "Kids it's alright." They said, "We're going to take care of the monster then get you home." They then took up a vantage point on deck and started shooting at El Cucuy, nailing him right in the face.

Shane made another Ice Slick under El Cucuy.

Den ran up on El Cucuy coated his dagger in the poison his skin naturally releases and stabbed El Cucuy. He then took from his bag a Painkiller Pill he had made. Did something to it to reverse it's effects applied it to his blade and stabbed again.

"Now I'm going to make it hurt."

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Tabletop Stories: Mild Body Horror, Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

El Cucuy seeing this new threat shook off their fear and charged at Dan landing a good swipe with their claws.

Stax realized that climbing the tree was not working so he decided that since he was a builder they would build their way up the Tree. He took out some wood and nails from his pack and started building a make shift ladder up the side of the tree but the nails weren't long enough and the ladder rungs fell off the tree as they went to climb.

Frustrated Stax attached a length of cloth to a Cross Bow Bolt and shot it up into the Treehouse to use as a climbing rope.

Stax called out to the children by name but was met with silence.

Shane got closer to the fight and Sculpt Terrain under El Cucuy to make the ground beneath them slick as Icy.

Den jumped up on Dan's back and commanded Dan to use Fire Punch. Den then prepared to cast a Barrier between them if El Cucuy decided to attack.

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Tabletop Stories: Mild Body Horror, Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

The book expanded in his hands into a doorway out of the door came turtle creature bathed in Flames. It's snout long, it's back flat and spikey, and though no one in the party besides Den would recognize it, it was actually the Pokémon Turtonator.

The book in question had been found at a house that had been abandoned for three hundred years and was a Pokémon Art book with pictures and stats for every Pokémon up until Generation 9, but Den didn't know that and thought those animals were real so he used his magic to make one.

Dan was as big as El Cucuy and ready to fight.

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Tabletop Stories: Mild Body Horror, Cults, Runaways, Missing Children, Monster 

@puffinus_puffinus Dan was originally going to be named Ned but he named it after your accidental joke.

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