instead of a cyberdeck I want a solardeck. Like an e-paper, daylight readable, low energy, solar powered, modular, wooden, solarpunk cyberdeck.

I think it's apt to throw as a solardeck descriptor as well. Also I made to collect solardeck inspo

@Trav wooden case would be really good. So easy to work with

@Trav idk how well epaper works as a primary display. But you should definitely try it.

@teslas_moustache I'm not sure how well cyberdecks work as primary machines either so I think there are always going to be compromises.

that said e-paper displays are getting a lot better!

@Trav @teslas_moustache you can get 16hz refresh rate e-ink displays with HDMI input. I've seen demos that can clock it at 60hz. Technically it is quite feasible.

The bigger issue is that higher speeds shorten the lifetime of the display. I don't think that's a solved problem, or a well researched one either.

@teslas_moustache @Trav I've got a Boox Mira and it's noticeably laggy with the mouse but definitely serviceable with thinner fonts. You won't be doing major, full color graphical editing, but it's my main screen for my coding day job.

@edd @teslas_moustache @Trav I think new UIs are needed to really unlock eink for more than just reading ebooks. Although terminal-only (and nothing too fancy in an editor) is probably a good first step.

@mathiasx @edd @Trav yeah. I was also thinking terminal only. However, even typing on a terminal needs relatively fast refresh rates due to typing out each character and cursor blinks. But maybe it's not a big deal.

@teslas_moustache @edd @Trav yeah. I’ve used slow terminals through work that don’t mirror the characters immediately but instead wait for a VT character echoed back, or whatever. It’s painful with delay.

@mathiasx @edd @Trav OK. So what about a cyberdeck with two displays? One small OLED or something that only displays what you're typing, and a larger epaper display for the main output?

@teslas_moustache @mathiasx @Trav The Boox doesn't have too bad a refresh rate for typing. I type pretty fast and don't notice the delay for that even at slower refresh rates.

Honestly even video is mostly fine in the right mode, it's just mouse cursor movements that are harder to track because it's a very small thing moving quickly across a static background.

The real problem is e-paper at larger sizes is hella expensive.

@teslas_moustache @Trav Assuming the user interface was designed to work with it, I think a small (maybe 4 row × 80 column) LCD for user input plus an e-ink display for sharing output would work pretty nicely (and have excellent solarpunk aesthetics).

@Trav I love the idea maybe we should mock some fictional devices like this up and see if it sparks some interest! #solardeck

@liaizon i think there's similar stuff in the tv show moonhaven: they have stuff combining wood and solar power. @Trav

@Trav Yes! Thinking a lot about wooden CNC milled enclosures for electronics lately. It used to be a thing with older radios but it seems nowadays plastic stuff is built to be trashed in a year anyways. I would participate in such a project immediately.

@Trav eink has issues with too much sun light, but what about real-life solar-powered minecraft piston displays?

@Trav I've been thinking of something like this for ages but haven't had the time for it. I do have the 13" e-paper monitor for it, now, though.

Long term goals of being a small forth based machine with just the things I need. One day, when there's less landscaping to do and kids to play with...

@Trav Or screenless, fully screen reader based. UwU
Gosh I should get back to that project...

@Trav In the hope that someone else will build it first, and I only have to follow in the steps:
Kindle Paperwhites have on-board serial ports which allow access to an unlocked boot loader, the SoC can downclock to 50Mhz and is even willing to suspend DRAM refresh if you are so inclined. And there is plenty of them available in "used" condition for cheap. And they come with linux preinstalled, so there should be a lot of re-usable code as well.

@Trav i'm actually gonna be tinkering with an e-ink display for a project i'm working on -- looking to make a dooblydoo for my home automation stuffs

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