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wow didn't realize I had made my handle capitalized and that it's case-sensitive... and you can't change it. Now what :/

itunes no longer sees the value in connecting to my 5s

on a whim I decided to find out that it is not possible share a floppy disk from an Apple Time Capsule

hot (slightly cool) take: faranheit is cooler than celsius because we get to say '69 degrees' more often


I don't understand why rear-facing cameras don't have a little light showing you that's currently recording like front-facing cameras do sometimes. Camcorders had them in the old days. Then you would avoid the thing where people are posing and it's actually a video. Also improved privacy awareness.

sometimes the best way to get a hold of me is ring ring, ding dong, or knock knock

hot take, The Beatles: Get Back should have been directed by Frederick Wiseman. The cuts are too damn frantic!!

that's right I used the word should!! Not even a hot take, just the way it is.

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everybody should run their own free store!

I'm slowly working through back issues of @garlic_onions 's Weekly Cucumber Salad. #4 has some excellent little illustrations and a well considered essay viewing a 1962 Soviet stop motion animation through the lens of Graeber, Severance and Akira! Highly recommend.

landfills are like prison. People are like, "this stuff is bad, let's put it in a place where it can't harm anyone"

But in reality all stuff is good it just needs to find it's place, needs programs for turning 'bad' stuff into good stuff.

prison/landfill abolition now!

this recording of a train PA announcement I made in January 2019 has tremendous drunk teacher saying goodnight to a group of middle schoolers on an overnight trip vibes

imagine if they sold firstclass seats on the plublic bus. Air travel can go fuck itself.

ah yes, nice, seems whenever I write @ trav without the space it is being auto-edited to @ Trav :| ..... wild

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ahh that second @Trav autocorrected somehow to be capitalized?

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so I went to also register @Trav as well just so no one else can... but apparently it's not possible. So, that's good that no one else can. But if @Trav is essentially reserved by me having @Trav then ideally I should be able to use whatever case I want?

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wow didn't realize I had made my handle capitalized and that it's case-sensitive... and you can't change it. Now what :/

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