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wow didn't realize I had made my handle capitalized and that it's case-sensitive... and you can't change it. Now what :/

I'm recruiting for housemates, coworkers and lovers and boy it can be confusing separating who would be best for each role

the number of things that are interoperable with AA and AAA batteries is highly underrated. Devices that use this standard have a huge leg up on one that uses a less-common standard.

A Pattern Language is my love language

itunes no longer sees the value in connecting to my 5s

on a whim I decided to find out that it is not possible share a floppy disk from an Apple Time Capsule

hot (slightly cool) take: faranheit is cooler than celsius because we get to say '69 degrees' more often


I don't understand why rear-facing cameras don't have a little light showing you that's currently recording like front-facing cameras do sometimes. Camcorders had them in the old days. Then you would avoid the thing where people are posing and it's actually a video. Also improved privacy awareness.

sometimes the best way to get a hold of me is ring ring, ding dong, or knock knock

hot take, The Beatles: Get Back should have been directed by Frederick Wiseman. The cuts are too damn frantic!!

that's right I used the word should!! Not even a hot take, just the way it is.

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everybody should run their own free store!

I'm slowly working through back issues of @garlic_onions 's Weekly Cucumber Salad. #4 has some excellent little illustrations and a well considered essay viewing a 1962 Soviet stop motion animation through the lens of Graeber, Severance and Akira! Highly recommend.

landfills are like prison. People are like, "this stuff is bad, let's put it in a place where it can't harm anyone"

But in reality all stuff is good it just needs to find it's place, needs programs for turning 'bad' stuff into good stuff.

prison/landfill abolition now!

this recording of a train PA announcement I made in January 2019 has tremendous drunk teacher saying goodnight to a group of middle schoolers on an overnight trip vibes

imagine if they sold firstclass seats on the plublic bus. Air travel can go fuck itself.

ah yes, nice, seems whenever I write @ trav without the space it is being auto-edited to @ Trav :| ..... wild

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ahh that second @Trav autocorrected somehow to be capitalized?

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