I can see them just fine. It's just I don't think they should exist. Ⓐ

anyway if i can't ride my bike right now while my shoulder is healing at the very least i can read about bikes

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currently reading Bike Battles by James Longhurst, a history of bike policy in the US and i am struck by two things

1, assholes and NIMBYism are evergreen problems facing every society

2, we could have had such a different world if the automobile hadn't become king

uspol, florida, trans healthcare changes 😢 

Florida has just added a new section 7 to its Rule 59G-1.050 General #Medicaid Policy, coming into effect on 21 August

It is the only section (of 12) that references any specific treatment or medical condition

It is specifically designed to deny #transition-related healthcare to #trans people

Although only applicable to Medicaid, private health insurers are likely to follow suit

The changes are shown in ahca.myflorida.com/medicaid/re

This is the new section:

(7) Gender Dysphoria

(a) Florida Medicaid does not cover the following services for the treatment of gender dysphoria:

1. Puberty blockers;
2. Hormones and hormone antagonists; 3. Sex reassignment surgeries; and
4. Any other procedures that alter primary or secondary sexual characteristics.

(b) For the purpose of determing medical necessity, including Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT), the services listed in subparagraph (7)(a) do not meet the definition of medical necessity in accordance with Rule 59G-1.010, F.A.C.

Could you imagine the creative and innovative explosion there would be if everyone's needs were met? It is a damn fucking shame we're being robbed of that by the greedy.

it really only works once a day but damn for that one time a day it works great

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new coping strategy just dropped

when i get overwhelmed by the news i put the phone down and do a kettlebell workout

four days in and it's working surprisingly well

i'm feeling extremely guilty about not Doing More today. mental illness is a fuck.

assembling metal shelves i rescued from the curb yesterday while listening to @igd_news interview with @butchanarchy is the only thing keeping me sane today

New episode of #ThisIsAmerica - out now! Includes a panel discussion with @butchanarchy on #SCOTUS attacks on #abortion, the eruption in the streets, and building grassroots networks + infrastructure of support. itsgoingdown.org/this-is-ameri

there really is nothing as soulcrushing as searching for jobs

i've been burned out for a while and every step of this process feels... excruciating.

same gremlin, new instance. looking forward to being here.

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