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Hello, I'm Jason, I'm a cis man that lives with my wife and two cats in . I'm a professional C# web developer with a side focus in .

Cat pics provided as entrance fee.

Got the first row of my raised garden beds unloaded and laid out today.

Got the bricks in for my raised vegetable garden beds. Going to be a busy weekend getting all these put together.

**Deep Sigh**
I was born in the wrong dimension.

Best feeling in the world is discovering that a difficult problem you’re working on is, in fact, someone else’s problem.

can't believe that when the IWW bought the urls for their online presence, they passed up

Our team is entering the demolition derby with a Space Dekotora Truck, with a sawed off railgun mounted on the top.

Doing anti- sexual harassment and discrimination training for the day-job.
While it's good that some effort is made to prevent it, It's really poorly executed.
It's awkward and stilted in all the ways you'd expect Corporate training to be, but they seem oddly focused on the only form of discrimination a straight cis white christian man would face.

Age discrimination.

Currently watching my brother try to convince our parents to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram.

We just moved them onto WhatsApp, like, a year ago.

I have solved a problem using regular expressions, and now have fewer problems.

Alert the press.

I think I accidentally mixed in some spice melange in with the latest batch of cold brew. I see alternate dimensions, visions of things that have not yet come to pass, the world is painted in an array of new colors.

It’s 10:30 am on a Monday and I’m getting am/pm mixed up when looking for stuff in Server Logs.

I sure wish I could exit this plate of inherited legacy spaghetti, IntelliJ. I sure do.

I did a talk about SQL Injection attacks at the usergroup meeting tonight. Here's one of my slides.

Looking forward to some (comparatively) nice weather this weekend for a nice bike ride. Checking the forecast a few times a day to make sure the window holds.

It's been too cold and rainy lately to bike to work 😭

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