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Selling gametes, kinda half serious, autism 

Uni, negative, mental health 

Uni, relationships, negative 

Talking about my girlfriend 

Talking about my girlfriend 

Talking about my girlfriend 

Common cold, my girlfriend (affection) 

Common cold, my girlfriend (affection) 

Food from my garden 

Asking for metal recommendations 

Centrist YouTube channel rant, xenophobia and racism 

Centrist YouTube channel rant, abortion, rich people 

If you are a trans man, you are valid.

This post isn't meant to invalidate anyone else. But to say trans men are beautiful and valid.

All of you reading this, take care of yourselves. Things improve, things get better.

You are who you 'want' to be and I hope those of you that feel the need to have T are able to access it and find it fulfilling.

If you're unsure about transitioning, waiting is valid. You don't 'become a man' by injecting or rubbing that on you, you are one by virtue of being you.

You deserve so much more, be good to yourselves.

Misogyny against trans men 

Misogyny against trans men 

Opinion on critiquing art 

Does anyone here know Japanese or Swedish?

I am learning these two languages and I would like to send messages to someone of sentences I come up with or to have small text conversations to practice :)

I know Russian so if anyone wants to practice it with me I will be happy to help.

I can't seem to grow melon plants. I tried growing watermelons and honeydew melons. Only one of the honeydew plants produced anything, and it died before the melons ripened. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong so I guess I'll have to try different areas in the garden to see if they prefer a specific place lol. I really love melons so it would be great to grow some.

If you look at my page it may seem like I'm a good gardener from the amount of food that I eat from my garden, but in reality I only started a couple of months ago and just got a little too obsessed with it lol.

About half of my plants end up dying or get eaten by possums and caterpillars or fruit flies but I plant so many that I still get a bunch of food.

Any general tips for making your plants not die? Some of my plants just die for seemingly no reason when other plants around it are growing fine.

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