Gender should be opt-in, not opt-out.

(and opting out is extremely difficult and almost impossible in our current society)

I don't think it's right to force people into a system like that from birth. If someone wants to identify as a certain gender later, they can do that. Until they tell you their gender, I think it's best to assume that a person is just a person and not put any gender labels on them based on how they look or act. Even the pressure to choose a label can be stressful, sometimes you're just you and no matter how many labels there are, none of them feel right.

I think there need to be more options for people who don't feel comfortable existing in a gender system.

@Some_Person This is enlightening.
Even from a very practical point of view: why should it matter which bits you have between your legs to people other than your physician and your phisically intimate friends/acquaintances? Gender-based discrimination is the only use I see. Only in a gender-normative society it is necessary, in any other case it is actually both monstruous and self-replicating.

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