I find it so disappointing that out of all the things pronouns could represent somehow we have ended up with gender. We could have pronouns that represent the relationship you have with the person you're talking about or whether they're a cat or dog person (or maybe both or neither?) or something else cool. Instead we get gender, which is a personal and sensitive subject for some people and basically gives people an excuse to try and figure out someone's gender and/or sex, which tbh, isn't any of their business in most situations. It's such a personal thing that has to be made public just so people can talk about you in third person.

In my perfect world there would be cool vaporwave parties (with a dark quiet room at each party in case of sensory overload) where instead of gender we get nice tunes and pink lighting. Instead of gender pronouns would represent the mood of the situation (vaporwave party or normal every day situation). The two neopronouns I have in my bio are actually the pronouns I'd want in this perfect world - xe/xir feels more shiny so those are party pronouns and ne/nem are every day pronouns. Calling someone ne/nem pronouns at a party could be pretty insulting because you're basically saying they're not fun enough to party :)

@Some_Person Some languages don't have built-in support for grammatical gender! I'm glad I grew up with my mother tongue lacking the gender antifeature.

@uint8_t yeah, I assumed that there would be some languages without gender but unfortunately both of the languages I'm fluent in have grammatical gender :'( English is actually the less gendered one, in Russian it's hard to even not gender yourself when speaking first person

@Some_Person "So that people can talk about you in third person" Hey maybe I should request people talk about me in first person!

Or alternatively, don't talk about me at all. Might be a bit less confusing that way!

@Some_Person nice! This expresses a little how in German and French I can do personal you vs formal you, and in Slovak I can add a diminutive form at the end of a name to provide that intimacy. It’s similar to using a nickname or a baby name for your kids.

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