“Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different.”
– Arundhati Roy

Unexpected second project: new worm bin with three tiers. Supplies were $10 and ~$1 for coir bedding

update: less than an hour and my soap is completely solid and producing a ton of heat from the exothermic reaction taking place. Won't be ready to use for a few weeks but I'm loving this process.

activity for today was homemade cold process soap. Today's is 100% coconut oil 🥥 but with the goal of eventually using 100% locally sourced vegan oil.

Completely forgot about daylight saving time for once. I almost fell for it.

At least I have eight months to work up the strength to vote for Biden. Sigh.

US politics 

Pete is dropping out thus ending our dream of Medicare for all who want it, roads for all who want them, primary education for all who want it 💁

today is a deep clean of the axolotl and shrimp aquariums 🦐🦎

Me: this is the absolute worst time to have a cold, and I hate it.

Also me: this would be an amazing time to be an epidemiologist!

Friends on Mastodon, I just want to let you know that India is completely engulfed in communal violence. Upper caste Hindus are tactically attacking minority Muslim homes in Delhi. There have been so many deaths, ever since 2020 began its only been news of violence in our nation. Our government, police forces and courts have failed to protect us. Right wing extremism will finish us all.

My partner's today - we both worked a bit in the garden and he got these beautiful succulents!

You just might be an ecofascist with genocidal tendencies if:
- You focus on other groups' environmental footprints while ignoring your own
- You think "overpopulation" is the problem and not overconsumption
- You seize on the environmental silver lining in large-scale human suffering and deaths
- Your environmentalism focuses on there being fewer people, who just happen to be the "wrong" kinds of people, instead of systemic changes that pursue both sustainability and human flourishing.

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@DissidentKitty amen – if it was Europe or North America at risk of mass death we wouldn't be hearing this. Why lower population and emissions through not-a-deadly-virus when we can do it through a deadly virus? :thinking_sun:

@raye that is awesome! I live in the Seattle metro area and am in healthcare, had no idea about this but now will inquire into volunteering next year

happy indigenous peoples’ day, if you live in seattle it’s a good day to pledge money to real rent duwamish realrentduwamish.org/

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