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You thought I was kidding??

Did you???

I don't have a problem I can quit at any time.

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me: how do people make memes of shit as soon as they show up??

me a year later with a boring job and a laptop that has the adobe suite on it: ooooooooh

movie idea:
danny devito idly watches a horse and wishes they could switch places. it gets all freaky friday and he switches places with the horse

the horse in devito's body gets killed

so Horse-Devito is trying to look majestic and happy so that someone else will wish they were that horse and switch with him, before he's sent to the glue factory

also, only children can hear him. Devito screams at little girls to look how pretty he is, in four different scenes

It's called Passing The Buck

Two transbians in a hot tub, five feet apart because they’re both gay and don’t know how to initiate

acronymeme; probably been done before but originality is a lie 

Tropico 6

Is Tropico 6 the same thing all over again, or does the sixth installment in the series actually bring something new to the table?

#ComputerGames #Reviews

In the coming world of shapeshifters and trans-humanity, the cis are but unshaped & hardened rocks in a sea of sand castles and gleaming sculptures of glass and clay

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wifi is short for wireless-fireless because it's an improvement over the old coal-fired steam routers

I watched She-Ra s2 last night and it’s sooooo goood :3

reposting selfies, eye contact, Boosts Okay 

selfie, eye contact, boosts ok! 

lesbian selfies, ec, boosts+++ 

selfie; ec; :boost_ok: a sort of like glitchy look 

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