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Me, at the slightest sound: ah itโ€™s too loud
Me, at no sound: itโ€™s too quiet
Me, never: ahhh perfect

Iโ€™ve officially become the go to gal for regular expressions help in this company

Iโ€™ve literally been only listening to music by Pinc Louds for the past three days..... itโ€™s so good yโ€™all

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I need a โ€œPHP for impatient peopleโ€ pamphlet because like I have a vague grasp of the syntax except there are some things that seem completely arbitrary to me that Iโ€™m sure have some logic to it.

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Happy to be trans, try and stop me

Everytime I ssh into a server a little part of me thinks in the hacker voice โ€œIโ€™m inโ€

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Friend: *venting about a serious thing*
Me: *has no idea what to say* oof

I want a hundred space heaters all pointed at me from different angles.

Alternatively a heat lamp and a nice rock to bask on will do

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