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i Amn just.... a litle wuh who luhs wuhs, Thatse it. i canot change this

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This is my OC Automat-Ron from accounting youโ€™d think heโ€™d be great at accounting as a robot but in fact heโ€™s quite mediocre. The 2019 model Automat-Ron comes with a special โ€œYes Manโ€ mode where he agrees with anything you say.

Just typed autoron instead of auto run and now Iโ€™m just imagining transformers but all the robots are also various guys named ron

Interesting benefit of electric aviation.. this Norwegian flight school recently ordered 60 eFlyer 2s, and notes "Each two-seater aircraft will cost $350,000 per plane, but while it costs $110/hr. to operate a conventional training plane, the all-electric planes will only cost $20 per hour."

look, im sorry, im just really into free-range dicks as opposed to caged

WOO! My #OwlWomanOracle deck campaign has been approved by KS and will be launching April 23rd! โœจ๐Ÿ”ฎ Mark your calendars if you want to pre-order one of these majors-only tarot decks!

In 2019 we out here using :3 unironically and loving our friends

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