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Wonder Boy, and, alternatively, Farming Simulator with @SijieLiang todæy

A Black-faced Cuckooshrike, I think.Very interesting looking bird. Apparently they're quite common but I believe this is the first one I've ever seen. That or I've just never paid attention to them.

Down here in Noongar Boodja, it's currently the season of Kambarang, one of the indicators of this season is the mass blooming of wildflowers, well any flowers really. Especially those with a pink and/or purple hue.

I'm pretty sure the Bauhinia is introduced though, I do hope it's not invasive. A lot of introduced plants with really pretty flowers unfortunately seem to be invasive.

Many thanks for graciously hosting me on this instance. I heard you like plants here. Here's a picture of Pixie Mops, native flowers from Noongar Boodja/SW Australia.

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