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Finding good 9V rechargeable batteries is still surprisingly hard.

Trying out this Li-ion block, which can be charged via USB (which is neat!) and promises a capacity of 650mAh. I still have my doubts, but we'll see.

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"A job's not worth doing unless it can be done at absolutely zero cost or inconvenience."

That's what I hear when people complain about positive protests and world improvements that require resources to enact.

My Patreon is now up and running! I'd very much appreciate your support in creating useful and interesting things.

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Some easy-to-care-for plant suggestions for beginners:

• Chlorophytum (spider plant)
• Dracaena (any species)
• Pothos vine (Epipremnum aureum)
• Heartleaf philodendron
• Rubber plant
• Pilea (Chinese money plant)
• Peperomia (any species)
• Bromeliad (most varieties, but Guzmania is probably the easiest)
• Peace lily
• Snake plant

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Is it a type of logical fallacy when people accuse others of the same crimes they have committed?

It seems very common especially with conservative & hard-right individuals.

Is it just because the crimes they fear discovery for are foremost in their minds?

Looking at used greenhouses on ebay. ;_;

If anyone's tried to message me on this account it seems that I've not been receiving DM notifications for at least several months.

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I had the idea a while back that in the far future, architecture criticism will be replaced with starship criticism.

Architecture criticism as a genre isn't about blueprints or materials, it's about a building's place in public life and what it says about society. So that, but for starships. I gave it a trial run last year with this essay on Star Trek's USS Excelsior.

I plan on doing more of these soon, so send me suggestions for other fictional starships to critique.

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"Police tried to close the entrance to The Mall leading to Buckingham Palace but they just keep on coming...

Video on Birdsite:

Is it possible to have multiple language instances under one domain?

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There are roughly 3 trillion trees growing on Earth. 🌍 Planting 1.2 trillion more would cancel out about 10 years worth of the CO₂ emissions causing climate change.

We could do this if everyone on Earth planted, on average, one tree every two days for a year. 🌳

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"The solarpunk environmental movement is for anyone who’s digitally inclined but unafraid of dirt. Think post-apocalyptic hacker aesthetics, but with a sunnier disposition."
— What You Can Learn From the Solarpunk Movement


Today's womble; an electric reproduction grandfather clock.

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Folks talk about echo chambers but really online we’re exposed to way more different ideas and points of view than, say, boomers who live their entire lives in the suburbs or in the country and get all their ideas from TV. It’s just that we’re better at quickly identifying the ideas that are crap and blocking them.

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Infoshop: **When Being an Opponent of White Supremacy Means Being Not Nice**

"“Nice people made the best Nazis. My mom grew up next to them. They got along, refused to make waves, looked the other way when things got ugly and focused on happier things than ‘politics.’ They were lovely people who turned their heads as their neighbors…"

#anarchism #bot

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also one of the journalists involved in exposing it was


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hey remember when the Panama Papers came out and showed that most of the rich people in the world are part of an enormous conspiracy to dodge taxes and hoard all their money, and then literally nothing came of it

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