I made a new patch for my bag, it's not too bad I think for my first time sewing in a while.

"The spread of statistics is the spread of capitalism – which, running out of far flung lands and unexploited natural resources, now colonises our entire lives by mapping out and selling the aspects of existence once uncommodified."


A weird contradiction in liberalism is how it both places responsibility on and takes responsibility away from the individual. On the one hand you alone are responsible for the condition of your life whether it be poverty or riches, and on the other you have absolutely no control over the way society is run and such things can only be changed by so called great men of history.
And the way that this destroys the dignity of those in poverty is horrifying.

I'm reading the left hand of darkness and really wishing Le Guin had used they instead of he.

Rain feels like it is a convergence of the three realms: the land, the sky, and the sea.

Question to vegans:
Is deleting holodeck characters speciesist?

I feel like the IWW has suffered somewhat from the misconception that 'industrial' means they focus on like factory jobs or something, instead of it's actual meaning which is that it organises based on sectors of the economy rather than certain kinds of jobs.

anarchism but instead of getting rid of the ruling class you just replace them with animals.
The government is made up of dogs. The military are penguins. The capitalists are cats. And the pigs are obviously pigs.

Just read Anarchy by Malatesta, and while I didn't learn much that I hadn't already learnt from breadtube, one thing I realised was that I was thinking of anarchy as much more standardised than it ought to be. Like I was thinking 'every town would have these specific organisations, and they would be structured like this' when really such organisations ought to just be created and organised in the way considered best by those in that situation. Perhaps even commonplace ideas such as federation would be booted in the face of a more suitable alternative.

Love it when right between the song I'm listening to ends and the next song begins, I can hear the next train station being announced.

*sarcasm* god I just fucking love it when I'm sweaty at 10pm outside with little to no physical exertion.

my notification bar seems to not be working.

I've only ever heard people talk about Bakunin when they're also talking about Marx.

I watched this video a little while ago, and while it's not directly about this, I found the reminder that anarchism is in its most basic sense, simply a method decentralised and horizontal organising, quite reassuring. Because sometimes anarchism seems so big and complex that it is difficult to think of myself as an anarchist. Like, how can I be an anarchist? I can hardly understand capitalism, let alone the oppression of women, the oppression of poc, the prison industrial complex, etc. And how am I supposed to stop these things if I can't even understand them?
And while it is important to think like this sometimes, it's just feels nicer to simplify these politics sometimes.

Does anyone know a good android app for reading pirated comics?

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Climate crisis, Australian colonialism and racism, generally heavy 

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