Their creation is roughly equivalent to the detonation of a nuke.

the creation of them has actually reached back in time and prevented god from ever existing where they exist.

those little areas where you drive off the road into a carpark and there's a building which is a bunch of stores put together are profane and devoid of god.

twitch chat but its an eldritch entity.

sometimes I worry that I'm straight but then I remember that I'm non-binary and breath a sigh of relief.

did the decrease in catholicism lead to a rise in cannibalism? just asking questions.

yeah no i get that you want to insert communist politics into everyday life in order to create a counter-hegemony, but I just want to play dnd and not think about how the ecosystem is collapsing for a couple hours.

there are only 2 types of stories set in the future. 1. very close future with very different society. and 2. very far future with exact same society.

ableism but its a joke, mention of suicide 

You have a peanut allergy? Wow, you are so brave. If I had a peanut allergy I'd just kill myself.

I don't really like those memes that create stereotypes about non-binary people. because for me at least, being non-binary is about being undefined.

Whoever calls dibs gets to be supreme ruler. Dibstatorship.

I think I'm going to start saying two thousand and twenty for no good reason.

yeah i'll get started on that assignment once my motivational panic overtakes my avoidance panic.

Preferred pronouns? I'd prefer you didn't refer to me. Talk about something else.

does anyone know of a program for ubuntu that will let me set a terminal command to be run when a button is clicked?

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Police Car Gun Lock Bypassed in one second.
Oh no the police gun locks are not very secure, gosh I sure hope this changes soon otherwise the rioters might get their hands on them.

Does anyone have any recommendations for learning about witchcraft?

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