I think I'm going to start saying two thousand and twenty for no good reason.

yeah i'll get started on that assignment once my motivational panic overtakes my avoidance panic.

Preferred pronouns? I'd prefer you didn't refer to me. Talk about something else.

does anyone know of a program for ubuntu that will let me set a terminal command to be run when a button is clicked?

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Police Car Gun Lock Bypassed in one second.
Oh no the police gun locks are not very secure, gosh I sure hope this changes soon otherwise the rioters might get their hands on them.

Does anyone have any recommendations for learning about witchcraft?

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My lovely trans comrade has asked that I share her friend's top surgery crowdfund.

My new year's resolution is to only make memes using pictures of either crows or professional wrestling. Luckily these are both very memeable.

Also, does anyone know the philosophy tube video where they talk about the 'do you have a responsibility for what you don't know' thing? I remember the example they used is a person putting a severed pig head on the doorstep of a Jewish building like just as a joke without understanding the context of their actions.

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A contradiction in anarchism is that we're like: none of this bullshit is your fault, its the fault of the rich and powerful. But we're also like: you have the ability to make this world less shit if you work together with your class to eliminate the boojwazee. Idk, I guess its only a contradiction if you believe that you have a responsibility to prevent harm when you have the opportunity (which I do). But what is more complicated is whether you have to take responsibility for something you don't know (for e.g. that a better world even is possible). But even so, it would be difficult to say that someone who believes in anarchism but does not act anarchistically is to blame at all for this bullshit.

I made a new patch for my bag, it's not too bad I think for my first time sewing in a while.

"The spread of statistics is the spread of capitalism – which, running out of far flung lands and unexploited natural resources, now colonises our entire lives by mapping out and selling the aspects of existence once uncommodified."


A weird contradiction in liberalism is how it both places responsibility on and takes responsibility away from the individual. On the one hand you alone are responsible for the condition of your life whether it be poverty or riches, and on the other you have absolutely no control over the way society is run and such things can only be changed by so called great men of history.
And the way that this destroys the dignity of those in poverty is horrifying.

I'm reading the left hand of darkness and really wishing Le Guin had used they instead of he.

Rain feels like it is a convergence of the three realms: the land, the sky, and the sea.

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