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I'm reading a records and archives journal and this quote just punched me in the gut.

"The past is never contemporary, but history is. History is always bound to the present in some way. History always represents the present in the ways it re-represents the past." - Greg Dening, "History 'in' the Pacific"

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extremely important museum plaque that addresses the language we use to talk about slavery in the american south. @OCRbot

Christchurch shooting, but positive 

I just read that the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh has raised almost $1 million, donated to the victims of the March 15 mosque attacks in Christchurch. The solidarity shown between Jewish and Muslim communities warms my heart every time I see it.

I just test rode the new electric busses at work and they're amazing and so quiet. Public test ride is tomorrow, and then I think they go into official use on 1 July!

Money, benefit nonsense 

The good news is I'm not As bad with money as I thought. The bad news is my wife's benefit was frozen two weeks ago because we moved house. They froze it because she *might* be entitled to more money based on where we live.

Hopefully we can sort it today and she'll be back paid >. >

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"Are my friends all leaving or am I isolating myself?"

A Choose Your Own Adventure Novel

Has anyone seen any studies on morphology of urban seagulls :eyethink:

got really interested today in how their environment is selecting for traits n stuff

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Game of Thrones whining 

this definitely sounds like a "and then everyone clapped" made up internet story, but god today I had the most bizarre combination of people being annoying about Game of Thrones at the same time.

I was on my break at work checking Discord, where the owner of a multi-thousand user server was abusing their pinging privileges to @ everyone about Game of Thrones and getting mad at people who suggested they ... ya know, *not* ping everyone for that.

At the same time, a high-level executive nearby started *literally shouting* at another colleague about Game of Thrones - demanding to know why she didn't watch it and telling her she had no life. She looked legitimately scared, and I certainly was scared.

The mushroom I stared at all day while working 🍄

I got up at 6 am to direct traffic for an event thing, but I've spent the whole time staring at these mushrooms over a fence I want to go take photos of.

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ACTUALYL come to think of it no one had a problem with me sleeping forecer. and i odn't think i would be missed if i slept forever. so I guess igo back to sleeping. bc it's beetter for everyone else. okay.

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like..........i understand but also I slept like 30 hours this weekend and 14 hours yesterday.... i really though this would be preferable.......... and yet.

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no one will talk to me when im been drinking but it's the only way i can stand to be awake an din my own skin this week so ?¿?¿?¿?

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