@interneteh I read an article a few years ago about how alienating it is that everyone's default smalltalk question is about work, and it suggested asking what people *like* to do with their time instead - whether that's hobbies or work or whatever. I wish more people would do that, it tells you more about someone anyway!


I made nettle soup from a bunch of nettles I harvested from the community garden. It's good, but that's probably because it's mostly potatoes and butter and cream....

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Peaceful radial for the evening. Inspired by bronze, labradorite, stone.

#RadialArt #MastoArt

don't you mean they're your ... MANE jam? :) :) :)

I'll see myself out

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Food, eggs 

I made egg salad from eggs collected from the community garden hens. It feels really satisfying! Not to mention delicious.

I got my first harvest from my yellow tom cherry tomatoes!!!

We arrived at the community garden this morning to a confusing scene. Someone had been through the herb beds (elsewhere too, but mostly the herbs), dug up tons of plants, and just left them there.

No idea who, no idea why. It looks like they maybe thought they were weeding, as not EVERYTHING was pulled out - but we've lost so many beautiful mature plants. And they just left it all, no effort to clean up. So who knows if it was misguided or truly malicious.

This also means the volunteers spent most of today cleaning up this chaos instead of growing and caring for new things.

It feels bad.

One month of growth! 29 October to 29 November, little cherry tomato plant.

Food, hand 

My wife @Anri is a genius. I tried freezing guacamole but had trouble with breaking the flat slabs after they were frozen to get portion sizes out, and also they would get sharp edges and cut their baggie.

But I really wanted to freeze guacamole, because avocados get so dang cheap here when they're in season, but I can't eat them all.

She suggested ice cube trays.

My life is forever changed.

Couple of chickens at the community garden today

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@GwenfarsGarden oh no, I thought it was clover, haha - thank you for the name! I love this stuff, I see it often around town. So pretty.

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