I'm looking for photo transfer/management apps to replace my reliance on Google Photos. I tried Shoebox but it's not quite doing it for me as I can't easily share images from it. PhotoSync likewise is certainly doing what it's intended to, but it won't replace my need entirely. I don't mind using a couple apps - for exaple, photosync for the syncing bit and something else for organizing.

What I want is to be able to:
- back up photos from my phone so I can clear space
(This can be cloud based or to my pc)
- share photos with either a direct hotlink, copying the image, or with easy access to the file directory
- organise photos into albums or groups

Any recommendations? I'd welcome your thoughts or boosts :3

@Rai have you looked at Flickr? It checks all your boxes, and now that it is free from Yahoo, an ethical alternative to Google. @switchingsocial

@Rai @switchingsocial

I've had a decent experience with #nextcloud. It runs kind of slow on a #raspberrypi and you don't get the machine learning recognition of faces and images that come with Google, but the app on my smartphone syncs easily.

@Rai @switchingsocial

@Rai @switchingsocial

For some users #NextCloud might be a problematic choice, because photo collections eventually will require a lot of space. If you've got some big disks at home, it might make sense to use a #decentralized #sycn tool like #SyncThing .

@Rai @switchingsocial I rarely do much with photos on my Android device (except on vacations). But for the organizing part, Camera Roll is a good choice. For backup you already mentioned PhotoSync; more solutions in my list at (and more photo stuff below Not sure about your "middle point" though…

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