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"Because when those Fascist dictators posing as righteous men come for you with their big leather boots to shut you up.
To put a gag in your mouth.
You better be prepared to fight for what you believe in.
You better be prepared to die for what you believe in.
I want to start a revolution."
β€” Madonna πŸ‘‘ :_gayheart2: :antifa:

Super easy techniques! Hugulkultur - no dig, no till, no watering, no fertilizing, needs nothing but wood and dirt Keyhole garden - includes a compost bin, works even in harsh climates Ruth Stout method - no dig, no till, no watering, no fertilizing, little weeding, needs nothing but hay/other mulch Herb spiral - very productive and time/space-efficient!

Someone discussing a hockey injury on television just said, "you never know with groins," and it's true, you never know with groins


stop acting like humans on main. nobody here can be any sense of real.

I honestly have no idea what I'm doing most of the time. This guy right here is certified with that BIG DUMB.

This should probably go without saying, but "never talk to the police" and "never talk to management" operate on the same logic and you can't have one without the other

If you don't believe anyone should be imprisoned or executed, regardless of what they did, and that cops have no right to that power - you should also believe that no one should be tossed to the curb and left homeless, and that management has no right to their power either

(Doesn't apply to threats to your safety at work)

I like my psychologist class sometimes, but I hate it when the students and sometimes even the teacher laugh at mental illness and just overall are disrespectful.

Stop using language that implies hierarchical divisions of ability.

Stop engaging in euphemisms that imply physical and neuro diversity is transitional-- that one might "temporarily" find themselves in disability, and that disability is disadvantaged in living, understanding, growing, or thriving.

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Everyone is valuable, whether they are valuable to you personally or not.

Everyone is valuable, whether you see them as able to "contribute" to a society, cause, or goal or not.

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Free yourself of the still-present effects of the Eugenics movement.

Break free from centuries of ableism that values only a small portion of human bodies, minds, and expressions.

Destroy the idea that there is a unitary standard for anything.

This is a huge platform from which belief in and subscription to other forms of oppression grow.

nico nico ni is the last sound you here before being executed

To make a bird a prisoner,
you must treat it like a king.

Let not the caged bird fly,
but you may let it sing.

Pluck out its feathers and you will see,

Strip a bird of its passion,

And it'll never be free.

watching local is like watching an endless number of clowns file out of one tiny car

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