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So this is the way the corporate internet ends. Not with a bang, but a toot

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Coworker was using his wireless earbuds and the GM asked why he had a Mentos in his ear and I’m crying

Some old photos of one of my first commissions, Sans and Papyrus from ! Sans is about 15 inches, and Papyrus is nearly 23. They took *so many beads*

I really need to get some commissions flowing so I can save up for my wheelchair. It's hard to scrape money together on disability. I really hope I'll have it by the end of the year.


Pingu genuinely terrifies me and I can't tell you why

@notlisadavis did you even read that last toot or do you just fav everything I post at this point

I was watching breaking bad and playing on my phone and got confused why I suddenly couldn't understand what they were saying. Thought it was the autism acting up, but nope, I just. Forgot I don't speak Spanish. So nothing I heard in the background made any sense to me. Curse you for making me focus on subtitles!

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@Muse The important thing to keep in mind is there is no need for it to be perfect. None. It's allowed to be flawed. Focus on telling the story, not making it perfect, because telling the story is the fun part. Done is better than good. It's gonna be OK.

I've been working on my original story for less than five minutes and I'm already melting into a pile of anxiety induced goo

Depression, anxiety (personal flailing) 

I really hate feeling like I'm just making things worse for people. I try to be a good person and a good influence on my friends lives, but sometimes it seems like I just make life harder/more stressful for everyone around me

The art table, before and after a day of work! I didn't get a whole lot don't today, but I think I did okay, for the few hours I was working! Assembly is gonna be a birch with so many small parts

I should probably stop going at my hair with kitchen scissors but at least I don't look horrible this time

Pls enjoy my silly art from the past few days. The portal one isn't finished quite yet, but almost! I'm working on some more today, but it's slow going because I am in Pain

Am I allowed to flail about my artwork here? Because I really like flailing about my artwork. Even if it's kinda bad sometimes.

Today seems like a cane day.

Ha, like I'm actually going to get out of bed on this hell day

Apparently I can't edit stuff so I'm just gonna call myself out and say I can't type

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